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Atsushi Tabuchi

Atsushi Tabuchi


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Electrical Engineering, Kyoto University
  • Former employee of NEC Central Research Laboratory


I specialize in developing Web applications that combine databases with programming languages such as Java, PHP, and JavaScript. For example, the timetable for each semester at Kyoto Computer Gakuin is created using the timetable editing system I created. As you know, school timetables are made up of a complex mix of elements: which subjects are taught, at when, by which lecturers, in which classrooms, and for which classes. The system manages all of these elements in a database and determines the combination by checking the user interface on the web browser (for example, the same lecturer cannot teach more than one class at the same time.).

A web application gives you the pleasure of letting a lot of people use your work. While that motivates you to deliver a better product, there is also the pressure that failing to address security and failure can be very damaging. In particular, in order to maintain the level of Web applications required in the business field, it is necessary to have not only the development ability of one person but also the ability to discover and solve problems in a team, and the ability to effectively utilize libraries and frameworks created by other developers. Don't be afraid to get involved with new people or technology, challenge boldly and get a big harvest. You will find enough time and suitable environment to achieve that here at The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics.

Responsible Subject

  • Web Programming I/II
  • Web Programming III
  • Object-Oriented Programming

Field of Specialization

  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence

Business Performance