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Benjamin Nouvel

Benjamin Nouvel


  • Bachelor’s degree in Art History from Toulouse University, Master’s degree in Art History from the University of Paris (Sorbonne University)
  • Former Japan-France Joint Project Coordinator, Department of Multimedia, The Louvre Museum, Paris. Former head of the Japan Expo festival programming department, France
  • Achievements in the event industry on the organizer, exhibitor, and venue management sides. Has been involved in numerous cultural projects and museum related international projects. Familiar with a wide range of fields, including French culture and Japanese traditional and pop culture.


Throughout human history, artistic creation, as well as access to culture, has evolved with the help of technological change and technological invention. This is even more true since the beginning of the 21st century, when new technologies have been used for creation and cultural propagation.

Today, the field of culture and the arts is more actively embracing digital technology, and ICT can be a powerful tool to spread knowledge widely and equally.

This often happens as a result of complex projects in which experts from sometimes opposite disciplines, engineering for art and culture, bring their skills together to create new works and effective tools to serve as intermediaries.

No matter what kind of project you are working on, you will need to learn project management techniques in order to accomplish it. In particular, if the project is a multicultural project with different work standards, countries, languages, etc., the project manager will need to be able to provide leadership, create a project team that shares a common understanding, and manage people to communicate effectively with all parties involved.

There is no other way to achieve this by learning project management method. Let's learn this effective method together at our school.

Responsible Subject

  • Project Management
  • ICT Practical Communication

Field of Specialization

  • Art History
  • Project Management