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Yumi Nakagawa


  • Bachelor of Domestic science, Kyoto Prefectural University
  • Director of the Office of Student Services, Former Principal of Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Rakuhoku School
  • Career consultant, CDA (career development advisor), Japan Career Development Association member, Career supporter of Special Training School Education Promotion Association, Kyoto Prefecture Regional youth supporter, Kyoto Prefecture drug abuse prevention instructor, Dietician, former Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Internet consultation service for working young people" face-to-face counseling staff


The innovation of information technology is remarkable, and new products and services are born one after another. Social systems and our lifestyle are also changing greatly. The evolution of IT will surely continue in the future, and the social needs of IT professionals (engineers) will increase more and more. In the IT field where, new technologies are emerging constantly, it is necessary to always acquire new knowledge. You have to be a person who can discover issues, think about the process to resolve the issue, and work it out with added value.

The environments surrounding business has changed drastically as well. The employment environment has also changed, and so are the values and awareness of individuals regarding work. In order to live a fulfilling life while growing into a mature adulthood from the time of being a student, it is necessary to design and plan your future self-image and living environments.

I expect the students in my course to understand and practice the meaning and methods of "Career Design" which have a large weight in their lives, and to clarify their career direction and goals. You will be able to recognize the importance of doing career design on your own will, and through self-analysis, job type and industry analysis, and training on the basic skills of working people, you will be able to grasp the key points for doing career design and act accordingly.

Responsible Subject

  • Career Design Theory

Field of Specialization

  • Career Design

Business Performance

  • I have been involved in planning employment support events in educational institutions for many years. I proposed the introduction of the internship as a part of the curriculum with a belief in its significance. I established and operated a system that allowed credits to be recognized by organizing pre-training, practical training, and after-training meetings.
  • In charge of lectures to learn about business documents, including document formats, letter terminology, and business terminology
  • Accumu | Kyoto Computer Gakuin Alumni Association bulletin