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Other Educational Loans

Parents and guardians of in-coming and existing KCGI students can use Shiga Bank's educational loans. In addition to tuition, students can use it for transportation and housing expenses.

Shiga Bank's Educational Loan

Loan amount range From 100,000 yen to 10 million yen
  • School tuition and fees
  • Delivery and housing expenses, etc.
Eligibility The persons in parental authority for either in-coming or current students of KCGI who have stable income.
Payment Method
  • Monthly equal payment of principal and interest (can be paid twice a year)
  • May be deferred during the period of enrollment (Month by month)
    During the deferment period, only monthly interest payments will be required.
Other After the payment is made to the customer's account, based on the customer's request, the bank will transfer the money to the account designated by the school.
You can also prepay.
Installment Fee 2.25% or 3.05% per year (floating rate type)
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