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Site Policy

About Management and Operation

This website is managed and operated by the KCG Group Public Relations Department.

About Links

In principle, you are free to link to this website, but for those who wish to do so please contact the KCG Group Public Relations Department in advance.If the content of the linked web page is contrary to public order and morals, or contains content that defames, detracts from the trust of the KCG Group, or if the KCG Group determines that there are other problems, the link will not be approved.In addition, please note that the University is not responsible for any troubles as a result of linking to any page, and the contents and URL of each page may be changed or deleted without notice.

About copyright and other rights

Each organization is responsible for the management and operation of websites other than those linked from the KCG Group website, and the KCG Group is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the linked websites by users.Please use the linked website at your own risk in accordance with the terms and conditions of the website.

This website only provides links to these websites for the convenience of users, and does not recommend the use of these websites or the products and services posted on them.Also, these links do not necessarily mean that there is a special relationship such as partnership or cooperation between the KCG Group and the organization that manages and operates the linked website. Each piece of information posted on this website is protected by copyright law, trademark law, and other laws, and please take note it may not be used (reproduced, modified, etc.) without the permission of the KCG Group, except when permitted by law.

About Security

This website uses SSL to protect the security of pages where personal information is entered.Personal information received from everyone will be strictly managed by the KCG Group and used in compliance with laws and regulations.

Recommended Browser Environment

We strive to make this website available to all users as much as possible, but we recommend the following browsers in order to use this website more reliably.

  • Latest version of Safari
  • Google Chrome latest version

About Collection of Access Logs and Using Cookies

This website collects statistical data for better site construction and access log collection from the viewpoint of ensuring security.This website may use cookies.

About Plug-ins

This website has contents that require plug-ins such as video, animation, and PDF.To view these contents, it is necessary to install dedicated software.


  1. The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usefulness and legality of information, software, etc. accessible through this site, and the school shall not be liable for any damage caused by the use of such information, software, etc.
  2. Even if a user is placed in a legal or social dispute with a third party for the use of this site, our school is not liable for these disputes.
  3. The school shall not be liable for any damages caused by suspension due to typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters, social disruptions such as wars, riots, civil wars, amendments to laws and regulations and other disposals by national agencies, communication line failures, electrical equipment failures, or systems suspension of operations due to repair or maintenance of related facilities.
  4. If the user suffers damage from a third party when using this site, the user shall resolve the problem with the third party at his / her own risk and cannot make any claim to the university.

Privacy Policy

In this age of IT adoption and diffusion, personal information is becoming increasingly important. We handle this information based on the following basic policies.

  1. Our school captures and handles personal information based on the philosophy of respect for individuals.
  2. Our school shall acquire personal information in a lawful and proper manner.
  3. Our school will properly manage and utilize collected personal information for more effective education.
  4. We will protect collected personal information from leakage or infringement against the will of the individual concerned.
  5. Efforts will be made to raise awareness of personal information among teachers, staff and students. Rules on the protection of personal information will be established, and an organizational system will be established and continuously reviewed.
  6. The University will comply with laws on the protection of personal information and other laws and regulations.

Contact Information

KCG Group Public Relations Department
TEL: 075-681-6332