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Academic Faculty Introduction

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A maximum of 10 students per teacher. In order to achieve the goal of cultivating leaders who will play an active role in the global IT business scene, faculty members from all over the world are composed of world leaders in the fields of information science, business administration, and education, and practitioners who have formulated and implemented IT strategies in large enterprises.

Fundamental Mission of Faculty

Our school provides an environment in which each student can learn according to their future goals under the advice of their academic advisors.

Teachers have two major roles to play.

The first role is as an educational resource. For students, teachers themselves are educational resources like other teaching materials such as textbooks, various media, field experiences, and a stimulating learning environment. Students can learn from teachers what they need to in order to achieve their goals.

The second role is as a learning facilitator (coordinator).
Teachers plan and embody the learning process in order to facilitate students' understanding of the content of their studies. Linking students with various educational resources is the role of teachers as facilitators of learning.

We believe that it is the mission of the faculty of KCGI to play this role and to provide maximum support so that each student can achieve his or her study goals.

As of April 2022