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Curriculum Policy (Curriculum Organization and Implementation Policy)

Based on its mission and purpose, KCGI will implement a curriculum to train highly skilled professionals who can play an active role in the web business field with both IT (ICT) and management skills.

Subject Group

Subjects in total are roughly grouped into the following: Specialized fields (Fields of Concentration) in order that students can deepen their knowledge about specific fields of expertise; Industry-related subjects with practical skills base development in mind, including case-based research and practical studies delving into knowledge and expertise of particular industries; Supporting electives to learn about the latest trends in technology as well as people skills and analytical skills.

Compilation and implementation method of study model

Depending on the purpose and orientation of the study, we will focus on acquiring broad and specialized knowledge from basic to applied/practical knowledge in a specific field from within a wide range of IT-related knowledge, while one field will be chosen from within the systemtized group of field-related subjets (Fields of Concentration).Apart from this, the Bespoke curriculum can also be selected as a study model for selecting subjects according to the individual study objectives of various students.In the specialized field and the Bespoke curriculum you can also choose a study model that includes both industry subjects that aim to develop individual knowledge, problem finding, planning, as well as the development of an individual knowldge skills set in design, planning and problem solving related to various ICT applicable industries.

Master Project

In addition to taking various courses, students pursue Master Projects on various themes under the guidance of their instructors, in order to develop practical application skills.

Responding to Changes

In order to correspond to the rapidly developing IT (ICT) field, the curriculum is always reviewed and updated according to the transformation of competencies required for professional advancement.