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Request for JICA dispatch of experts


Contribution to National Policy

The ICT Institute of Mozambique (MICTI)


We dispatched an expert on IT (ICT) education support to the Republic of Mozambique in September 2004 at the request of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The ICT Institute of Mozambique (MICTI) is an organization that provides practical ICT education based on the country's ICT policy. The experts dispatched from KCGI investigated the current state of IT in the country and made proposals on curriculum design and educational facilities to meet the survey results. MICTI opened in February 2007. Subsequently, teachers from MICTI were invited to Kyoto as part of the JICA project, where they were trained in teaching methods and the preparation of teaching materials. In addition, experts were dispatched in 2008 and 2009 for the purpose of teaching and confirming curriculum implementation and school management. Thus, our involvement in the establishment of schools as one of the national policies in the IT field plays an important role not only in the spread of IT education but also in Japan's international contribution.