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William K. Cummings

William K. Cummings


  • (United States) Michigan University, Harvard University Graduate School, Ph.D. (Sociology), Ph.D.
  • former lecturer at Tsuda College, a former assistant professor at the University of Chicago (United States), a former director of the International Education Center at Harvard University, a former professor of the State University of New York at Buffalo, and a former director of the Center for Comparative International Education, and a former professor of George Washington University


Welcome to The Kyoto College of Graduate School for Informatics! One of the major challenges of this information age is to learn how to better organize work and understand the relationship between the world of work and education. I've been working as a consultant in Japan and other countries (America, Europe, Asia, Africa) for over 30 years and have been exploring these issues. We are currently developing specialized e-learning courses for educators in different regions of Africa. I am pleased to share the experience with you at this college. You will have many challenging yet productive days at our college, aiming for a wonderful future. I'm looking forward to meeting the students at the lecture.


Professor Cummings is a leading expert in Japanese studies who has studied the issues of school education and social change from an international perspective. Many books have been translated into Japanese, including 'Professor at a Japanese university' (Shiseido 1972), 'Schools in Japan' (Saimaru Shuppankai, 1980), 'American University of Japan' (Alc 1990), and 'Education in the United States' (Kobundo, 1992). Today is the beginning of the third revolution, the age of "information revolution" and intellectual work has come to account for 1/3 of the total workforce. The professor believes that now that people are about to move on to the next step, it is his role at The Kyoto College of Graduate School for Informatics to present future perspectives on the future social environment, particularly on education and labor, and their relationship. I also hope from the bottom of my heart that the content of the lecture will give students a new direction in product development and services.

Responsible Subject

  • International Comparative Study on Education in Schools and Companies

Business Performance

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In addition, co-authored more than 37 books