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Ken Suekawa (deceased)

Ken Suekawa


  • Graduate (Department of Physics), Faculty of Science, Kyoto University.
  • He joined Bandai Co., Ltd. and was involved in toy planning and animation planning. After that, he worked for NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd. and International Media Corporation Co., Ltd., and then worked for General Vision Co., Ltd.He produced many animations works including 'Rantarō Ninotama' and '12 National Records'.

Field of Specialization

  • Animation Production, Animation Industry, and Marketing

Business Performance

Major works (TV anime)

  • "Chef's Choice Scrappers", Producer
  • "First of all, human beings.", Producer
  • "Rantarō Ninotama" , Producer (Term 8 and 9, Term 16 and Term 17)
  • "Pirates of the Desert! Captain Gukbap" , Producer
  • "12 National Records", Producer
  • "Shinrei Tantei Yakumo", Producer
  • "Section Stub"


  • Yukinomachi Fantasy Literature Kobanshu (1) "white noise", published by NTT Mediascope, Inc., co-authored, June 1991


  • "Animation production sites and digital technology", March 2005, Kyoto Computer Gakuin