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Education Environment and Support System

KCGI supports a safe, comfortable, and fulfilling student life and provides an environment in which students can concentrate on their studies.

Education Support System

Detailed individual instruction for diverse students

Provision of course patterns according to the level of knowledge at the time of enrollment

KCGI has established a detailed educational support system to enable students with diverse backgrounds to study according to their aptitudes and goals.

Course Instruction

At the time of admission, an Academic Coordinator (academic advisor) is assigned to select courses to be taken through individual interviews, and a detailed course guidance system in place.

Office Hours

Office hours are provided by full-time teachers. Each faculty member will meet students at a designated location, such as a laboratory.

Educational Environment

Practical educational environment with world-class business systems

SAP system for education

In order to develop advanced practitioners in the IT field, SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning) of SAP AG of Germany, the world's largest ERP package vendor, was introduced at the school. It is used to provide hands-on learning and a research environment were realized.

e-learning System

All teaching materials are managed on a state-of-the-art platform, and assignments can be submitted. Courses taught through e-learning are also offered.

Digital Library

In order to access the latest information in the information technology (ICT) field, we are members of the Electronic Libraries of the American Society for Information Technology (Association for Computing Machinery) and the Information Processing Society (IPSJ).

Providing software through an educational licensing program

We have an "educational licensing program OVS-ES" contract with Microsoft. Office applications, development tools, and Windows operating systems can be purchased at a discount via a personal computer.


Our university has introduced the latest learning management system (Learning Management System: LMS, referred to as King-LMS). All lesson contents are digitized and uploaded, and students can access, prepare, and review lessons at any time from home. They can also exchange information and answer questions with other students by submitting assignments and using bulletin boards.

Employment Support System

We aim to achieve student’s ideal job through thorough individual guidance by teaching professors and backup by the KCG Career Group.

This is done thorough individual guidance by an instructor.

Career guidance will be provided mainly by leading professors who are familiar with the aptitude and future goals of each student.

KCG Career Group

  • Career Guidance
  • Briefing session on in-house companies

Information on employment and teaching know-how accumulated at Kyoto Computer Gakuin (established in 1963), the first computer education institution in Japan, will also be provided to KCGI, part of the KCG group schools.

Student life support system

Scholarship System

KCGI has established its own scholarship system to develop talented human resources who can contribute to society as highly specialized professionals in the future.

SOS Mail

KCGI has established a system that enables students to seek advice on their problems and emergencies. Legal advice is also provided if necessary, such as when a person is involved in a scam or has Internet trouble.

Shuttle Bus Between School Buildings

There is a free shuttle bus service between the Hyakumanben Campus and the Kyoto Ekimae Satellite Campus.

Support for international students

Our dedicated staff supports international students not only in their studies but also in their daily lives.

Student Association

The student association, which is a self-governing organization for students, plays a central role in holding various events and activities, including a welcome party for new students, to promote friendship between students and between students and teachers.