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Sanford Gold

Sanford Gold


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Michigan, Master of Arts and Doctor of Education (Ed. D.), Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Senior Director, ADP, Senior Director of Education, Prudential Financial, Learning Director, Ernst & Young, Educational Consultant


As we enter the 21st century, IT will become more and more inseparable from our daily lives.

In order to solve various problems and to raise new questions, the contribution of IT to society will be enormous, and it will influence the way of our modern society and lives. In other words, the IT products we create, and use change us at the same time. How will this new "Cyberworld" affect us? How can we use the IT tools we have created for humanity?

The answer lies within us, but I believe it can only be reached through learning, practical applications, and good judgment.

Find your future here at The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics. Learn and continue to grow so you can create the future you want for yourself and others.

Responsible Subject

  • Leadership Theory
  • Master Project

Field of Specialization

  • Executive Leadership and Management
  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Instructional Design and Learning Technology
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Human Capital Management, Talent Management and Competency Development
  • Performance Improvement

Business Performance


  • Take the First Step: Lessons Learned Using Simulations for Sales Training
    Date Nov 1, 2016
  • Prudential's LCMS Implementation: Delivery and Object Reuse
    Date Mar 15, 2004
    Learning Solutions Magazine
  • A Constructivist Approach to Online Training for Online Teachers
    Date May 2001
    The Sloan Consortium
  • Implementing an e-learning system within a Securities Firm
    Date 2001
    Second Annual International Online Learning and Teaching Conference, sponsored by UNESCO and Southern China University
  • Abner Project: Goal-Directed Inquiry in a Simulated Environment
    Date 1998
    International Conference on the Learning Sciences (ICLS -98)
  • Hangar Flying as avocation training: Capturing expert via online video libraries
    Date 1998
  • Conférence internationale de 1998 sur l'Interaction Homme - Ordinateur en Aéronautique (IHO-Aéro 1998)


  • Best Custom Content
    Date Sep 2013
    Brandon Hall
  • ASTD Distinguished Service Award (2010 -2011)
    Date Aug 2010
  • Best in Show
    Date 2003
    Life Communicators Award