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As vegetable factories and agricultural-support cloud services attest, IT can be applied to solve problems in Japanese agriculture that have proliferated in recent years, such as shortages of farm successors and declining competitiveness against imports.

In this industrial field, we introduce a wide range of current case studies on the intersection of agriculture with IT; background information on the frameworks by which produce is grown, distributed and consumed and directions in innovation of these frameworks.Students will also learn about system design specific to agricultural ICT, including environmental sensors and IoT. By combining this knowledge with courses in concentration fields such as artificial intelligence, business data analytics, and web system development, we will train engineers and consultants who can play an active role in the agricultural field.

Target Career Paths

  • Data analyst who collects and analyzes data on producer behavior and agricultural product quality
  • Developer of e-learning materials to preserve the expertise of producers in textbook form and train successors
  • System engineer or consultant supporting direct connections between producers and consumers (CRM)

Themes of past Master Projects

  • Development of a shading type weed suppressor CuRaGe for protecting young ears immediately after rice planting
  • Production of e-learning content for plant cultivation
  • Development of Training Materials for Agricultural Personnel Using AR
  • An attempt to quantify multiple functions of forests by image analysis of "scenery" in forest landscape
  • Risk assessment for sediment disaster