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Liu Fei

Fei Liu


  • Master of Engineering, Completion of doctoral program, Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Vice Principal, Kamogawa School, Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Visiting Professor, China Institute of Industrial Relations, Visiting Professor, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Visiting Professor of Beijing Polytechnic College, Visiting Professor of Beijing City University, Visiting Professor of Vocational Education Society of China, Visiting Professor of Committee of Compilation and Evaluation of New Teaching
  • Member of the Committee for the Editing and Evaluation of New Teaching Materials for Human Resource Development in Vocational Education and Skills in China


Ubiquitous networks are considered to be the major recent advances in computer networks, which are said to be the foundation of the information society.

Ubiquitous networks make it possible to connect to "anytime, anywhere, anything, anyone" networks, providing a variety of services and enriching people's lives. In order to further develop and spread this ubiquitous network environment, it is very important to develop, build, and operate more advanced information network systems using the latest computer and communication technologies.

Recently, highly efficient network systems capable of processing huge amounts of data are required. Distributed processing, system optimization, and system integration are also indispensable.

Our goal is to develop network professionals from a flexible point of view and a wide range of fields, so that all students who enter our college can acquire the skills to develop, build and optimize computer network systems and have the ability to solve real problems.

In addition, from a global perspective, KCGI also emphasizes the development of internationally competent IT human resources. We conduct academic and student exchanges with many universities, and China is our strong base in Asia. With the rapid transformation and development of the globalization of the Japanese, Chinese and global economies, the demand for IT human resources working between Japanese and Chinese companies or among global companies is rapidly increasing. For international students who want to be active on the global stage in the future, studying at KCGI is one of the shortcuts to achieving that goal.

Let's work hard with ambition while competing with each other.

Responsible Subject

  • Technical Communication

Business Performance

  • As a national priority project in China, planning and development of a remote education system on animation carried out in Central Television University. July 2009
  • Joint Research on Router Data Integration via Enterprise Wireless LAN (Chinese Academy of Labor, China's leading company Lenovo), September 2012
  • Design of C Programming by Problems, October 2012
  • Joint Research on Applied C Programming Design (Chinese Institute of Labor Relations, Chinese Large Enterprise Chinese Lenovo, September 2013)

Academic Paper

  • C Function Analysis and Definition, December 2013