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Composition of Course Groups

In order to obtain a Master's degree in Master of Science in Information Technology (Professional) at the University, all students must obtain the prescribed number of credits and pass the Master Project.

The courses offered by the university are categorized into three subject groups: concentration fields, industry, and supporting electives.These courses are selected and grouped according to the fields that are important in the industry and require knowledge and skills among a wide range of web business-related courses, and are designed to enable students to concentrate and study efficiently. Students can also choose courses that are not specific to a particular field, allowing them to study independently and freely.


This is a group of courses that allow students to select a specific area of ICT-related knowledge and deepen their knowledge in that area.Courses are grouped by field in order to acquire specialized and broad knowledge.


Students will learn about information management related to people, goods, and money handled by enterprises, as well as basic information systems for supporting managerial decision-making.

Business Data Analytics

Students learn how to analyze business information stored in the cloud and database and make effective decisions.

Global Entrepreneurship

Students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to start a business by themselves in the field of IT business, including ideas and leadership as entrepreneurs, and methods of data analysis and utilization.

Web Systems Development

Students learn how to plan and create websites linked to databases and cloud services, and how to create web applications for PCs and smartphones.

Network Administration

Students will learn how to configure networks according to their objectives, cloud computing, security management, and introduction and development of various server/client systems.

IT Manga and Anime

This curriculum teaches students how to use digital tools to plan and produce animated and other visual content, as well as how to incorporate such content into one’s business.

IT Tourism

Students will learn ICT applications in the tourism field, IT in tourism business, information management such as tours and accommodations, and planning and design of tourism contents.

Artificial Antelligence concentration newly established in 2021

Students learn the basic theory and application of artificial intelligence and related technologies through actual examples in a variety of application fields, and master the utilization of artificial intelligence in various fields through proficiency in artificial intelligence-related software.

Industrial Courses

These course focus on practical use of expertise and technology in specific industries. This is a subject group specialized in the target industry or industry.

The university offers courses taught by outstanding faculty members who are active in the forefront of their respective industries.The content of this curriculum is updated as necessary to reflect the latest industrial trends.


ICT applications in finance, core banking operations, current status and future vision of e-money and virtual currencies, etc. will be covered.


ICT applications in agriculture, control of the cultivation environment, including plant factories, and reform of the distribution of agricultural products.


ICT applications in ships and oceans, ship navigation control, and environmental control in marine product cultivation.

Health and Medical

ICT applications in medicine, information management in electronic medical records, and diagnostic support through artificial intelligence and data visualization are covered.

Content Marketing

ICT applications in manga, animation, video, music, etc., digitization of production processes, management of intellectual property rights, promotion strategies, etc.


ICT applications in education, design and production of e-learning contents, and various communication systems are covered.

Supporting Electives Courses

Supporting Electives CoursesThe program consists of subjects that cultivate the basic skills in communication and management necessary for professionals, regardless of their field of specialization or industry, as well as subjects that study the latest applications and technological trends in ICT. The second comprises case studies on the leading edge of IT and studies of the latest trends in technology. By including courses with a wide range of perspectives from the basics of IT business to applied studies, this curriculum provides students with a wide variety to choose from.


To acquire practical skills in logical and easy-to-understand communication (conversation, expression, etc.) necessary for ICT and business.


To acquire the ability to understand and apply management concepts that are generally required in a company.


Efforts to improve quality and frameworks to spark innovation in manufacturing are explored in detailed case studies in these courses.

Advanced Applications and Technological Trends in IT

Students of these courses study cases of advanced applications of IT and detailed case studies of technological trends.