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Li Yi

Yi Li


  • (China) Bachelor of Arts, Beijing Language and Culture University; Master of Science in Intormation Technology, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics
  • Former Lecturer of Dalian University of Foreign Studies, Former Director of ADI Laboratories, Inc., Former Part-Time Lecturer of Communications Education Department, Aichi Sangyo University
  • Information Technology Engineers, Certified Consultants from SAP (Financial accounting, Management Accounting, Production Planning/Management, Plant Maintenance, Sales Logistics)


I am mainly in charge of English mode lectures related to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP package includes purchasing inventory management system, production management system, sales management system, accounting management system, human resource management system, etc., and the enterprise aims at efficiency improvement of the business and cost reduction by its introduction. In the era of globalization, where international competition is intensifying, many companies choose to introduce ERP packages to improve their business, so the need for global ERP consultants is increasing. In my lecture, students master system configuration such as financial accounting, production management, and sales management of ERP, through practical learning, as well as acquire the knowledge necessary to become an ERP consultant.

Accounting knowledge is beneficial for learning ERP accounting and production management systems. In the course of International Accounting, students learn the basics of accounting, from bookkeeping to settlement processing and consolidated financial statements, and then examine the differences between Japanese GAAP and IFRS (International Accounting Standards) and the convergence of Japanese GAAP with IFRS under the influence of voluntary adoption of IFRS. I think the knowledge acquired in my classes will be useful for consulting work after the completion.

Students will become human resources professionals with knowledge of information technology and accounting, and will play an important role in the increasingly globalized IT world.

Responsible Subject

  • Web Programming I/II
  • International Accounting
  • Development of Financial Accounting System
  • Business Integration and e-Business
  • Development of Production Control System
  • Sales and Distribution System Development I/II

Field of Specialization

  • Web Programming
  • Financial Accounting (including international accounting), Administrative Accounting
  • SAP Applications (FI, CO, PP, EAM, SD)

Business Performance


  • NAIS Journal Vol. 9, 2014 on the improvement of efficiency in the manufacturing industry
  • Application of IFRS and Development of ERP Consultants, NAIS Journal Vol. 10, 2015
  • Considerations for ERP Introduction in Process Industries, NAIS Journal Vol. 11, 2017
  • "Adopting IFRS when implementing ERP in pharmaceutical companies", NAIS Journal Vol. 13, 2019


  • Han Chinese ABC (1998, published by Dalian Science and Technology University, translated into English as a vice-principal edition. The main volume is by Xu Jiaxin and Liu Xianping.
  • Classical Chinese Teaching Materials (1998, published by Komyo Ilbo, translated into English The main volume is Shu Keisei.)