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Hisaya Tanaka

Hisaya Tanaka


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Waseda University
  • Former Acting Manager of System Support Division, Fujitsu Limited, Former Director of Fujitsu University, Former Executive Director and Manager of IT Human Resources Development Headquarters, Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan
  • Senior educator of the Japan Society for Engineering Education, Member of Product Planning Committee, Japan Society for Engineering Education, Board Member of Mitou Foundation
  • Head of Tokyo Satellite


Today, humanity faces a variety of challenges, including food, energy, medical care, nursing care, natural disasters, and infectious diseases.IT and IT personnel are expected to solve these problems.Social networking and AI are breaking down the barriers between countries, regions, races, and languages.Please acquire IT skills and become a person who is active in the world.

Responsible Subject

  • Logical Thinking

Field of Specialization

  • Planning, design, and development of enterprise systems (manufacture, sale and distribution)
  • System operation technology (reliability, efficiency, safety)
  • System Audit
  • Business Planning

Business Performance

(1) Development Project Performance

  • Development of systems for the automobile industry (1977 to 1990 years)
    • New Car Sales Management System
    • Used Car Sales Management System
    • Vehicle Inspection and Repair System
    • Repair Parts Supply Management System
    • Customer Management System
    • Installment Lease Management System
    • Financial and Accounting System
    • Personnel and Salary System
  • Computer Maintenance and Management System (2000 To 2006 Years)
    • Supply Component Management System
    • Call Center Reception System
    • Incident Q & A Management System
    • Customer System Monitoring System
    • Technical Information Retrieval System
    • Product Quality Management System

(2) Business Planning (1991 to 1999 years)

  • SE Service Menu Development
  • Planning of service profitability management
  • Outsourcing Business Planning
  • Planning Of Operational Services

(3) Human Resources Development Project (Fujitsu) (1991 to 2008 years)

  • Member of the Fujitsu Human Resources Development Committee (1991 to 2005 years)
  • Head of IT Architect Committee (2003 to 2008 years)
  • Design and Operation of the Fujitsu Certified Professional System (2006 to 2008 years)
  • Design of SE Education Curriculum (2003 to 2008 years)
  • Systematization of Facility Methodology (2007 to 2008 years)

(4) Human Resources Development Project (industry activity)

  • Member of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Leading IT Specialist Development Program Support Committee (Keidanren 2006 to 2009)
  • IPA Professional Community Member (2004 to 2008 years)

(5) Human Resource Development Activities at IPA

  • Chairman of the IT Human Resources White Paper Review Committee (2009 to 2016 years)
  • i. Development and provision of a competency dictionary (2010 to 2015 years)
  • Project for the Discovery and Development of Innovative Human Resources (2009 to 2016 years)
  • Security camp held (2009 to 2016 years)
  • METI Project to Accelerate the Development of Advanced IT Human Resources (2009 to 2011 years)
  • Development of university-industry collaborative educational materials (2012 to 2013 years)
  • Introduction of CBT in IT Passport Examinations (2009 to 2011 years)
  • Establishment of Security Management Examination (2015)
  • Creation of Information Processing Safety Assurance Assistants (2015 to 2016 years)