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Yoichi Terashita

Yoichi Terashita


  • Bachelor of Science, Kyoto University, Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Iowa,
  • Senior Faculty Member, Kyoto Computer Gakuin School, Professor Emeritus, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Former JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Expert to Thailand, Former Principal of Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Rakuhoku School, and Kyoto Ekimae School, Kyoto Computer Gakuin
  • Vice President, The Kyoto College of Graduate School for Informatics


With flexibility and a Global Perspective

My main area of expertise is information technology related to database/data warehousing. A long time ago, I participated in a national project on the organization of academic information and was in charge of the storage and management of astronomical data. I was a part of an international network in data center system design. I also conducted pioneering research in library information systems.

Database technology is becoming more and more sophisticated with the development of web technology, and has become a core technology of information technology.I think the requirements for future engineers are "flexibility" and "global perspective". It is necessary to respond flexibly to rapid changes in technology and industrial structure. Furthermore, technology is not confined to only one country or region, but is closely intertwined with language and culture, causing a complex globalization phenomenon. It is essential for future engineers to have a global perspective and a code of conduct. This can be done at The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics.

Responsible Subject

  • Fundamentals of Database Technology
  • Database Specific Lecture
  • Honors Master Thesis

Field of Specialization

  • Database
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence (Bi)

Business Performance

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