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Health and Medical


 In the medical field, ICT is rapidly advancing in medical office systems, ordering systems, electronic medical record systems, and diagnostic imaging.Treatment data formerly used to treat one patient at a time, medical-equipment data and so on are being gathered and analyzed as Big Data, for use in preventing infectious diseases and optimizing treatment plans. Analysis of words and phrases related to medical treatment on the internet is playing a role in the forecasting and prevention of infectious diseases. In these and other ways, the use of IT in medicine is expanding, creating high demand in the medical field for professionals who can apply advanced IT to a host of problems.

Target Career Paths

  • System engineers capable of developing, configuring and operating a wide range of IT systems in the medical field, including systems for electronic medical records and remote medicine
  • Data scientists having the expertise to collect, analyze and visualize medical and medical-equipment data to support physicians’ diagnoses
  • Engineers who can manage information networks for hospitals and regional medical care