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Masashi Kuratani

Masashi Kuratani


  • Bachelor of Science and Technology, Completion of Graduate Course in Operations Research (equivalent to Master of Science and Technology), National Defense Academy of Japan, Completed master’s course , majoring in East Asian History, at Graduate School of Literature at Bukkyo University
  • Former Maritime Self-Defense Force escort ship crew ("Yuki Hatsu" the chief navigator, "Umigiri" the chief navigator, "Yuudachi" the vice chief), Former instructor of Maritime Self-Defense Force 1st College of Engineering ("history of war" Responsible), Former instructor of Maritime Self-Defense Force 1st College of Engineering ("tactic" Responsible), Former instructor of Maritime Self-Defense Force 1st College of Engineering ("Strategic and Military History" Responsible), Former instructor of Maritime Self-Defense Force Senior Staff School Defense Strategy Education Research Division Military History Division


I was working for the Maritime Self-Defense Force. I majored in Applied Physics (hydroacoustics) at the regular course of the National Defense Academy and Operations Research at the same graduate school. During the first half of my time at the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, I mainly worked on simulation models for the search of submarines. During the second half of my time, I worked on military history and earned a master's degree in Oriental History. My research subject was the decision making of famous navy personnel in history. I am a “dual wield swordman” in the sense I majored in both science and liberal arts.

In this college, I teach Fundamentals of Marine Industries and Marine Information System Design. Surrounded by the sea and consist of nearly 7,000 islands, Japan is indeed a maritime nation. In recent years, a large amount of methane hydrate has been identified in the seabed around the Japanese archipelago, and marine recreation is becoming popular. We also have high hope for fishery industries utilizing IT in the near future. The attempt to apply IT to the industry of unlimited potential, "vessels, marine and fisheries" is promising. Let’s explore together what we can do and what will be useful for the future. I welcome students from a wide range of fields, both liberal arts and science. Students who are interested in IT marine, come join us!

Responsible Subject

  • Fundamentals of Marine Industries
  • Marine Information System Design

Field of Specialization

  • Operations Research (military OR)
  • History of the Korean and Japanese Navy (Medieval Period and Modern Times)

Business Performance


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  • The sinking of the South Korean patrol vessel and the Korean War Armistice - from the establishment of the Korean United Nations Forces to the Armistice Agreement - "waves" Vol. 36, No. 2 (Volume 209), 2010

Announcement of the international conference

  • The dispatch of Imperial Japanese Fleet to the Mediterranean Sea (Dispatch of Imperial Japanese Navy to the Mediterranean Sea) U.S. Naval Academy 2017 McMullen Naval Historical Symposium, (Annapolis, MD, USA), 2017
  • The battle of Leyte Gulf from the Japanese perspective ("Battle of Leyte" from a Japanese Perspective), Naval College (Newport, RI, USA), 2010


  • Australian Naval Magazine, Authored by THE NAVY VOL. 80, No. 2 (The magazine of the navel league of Australia), 2018