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Sapporo Satellite Seminars


*Seminars at the Sapporo Satellite are held online (Zoom), and the reservation deadline is set.

Date and Time
April 14, 2024 (Sun). Reception 12:45. Start 13: 00~ , Online (Zoom) *Seminar for international students will be held at the same time.
June 15, 2024 (Sat). Reception 12:45. Start 13: 00~ , Online (Zoom) *Seminar for international students will be held at the same time.
The Kyoto College of Graduate School for Informatics Sapporo Satellite Campus map
Time Schedule
12: 30 Reception, 13: 00 Start
13: 00 ~ 13: 50: School Outline, Educational Curriculum Description, and Equipment Introduction
13: 50 ~ 14: 00: Break
14: 00 ~ 14: 45: Mini Lecture
14: 45 ~ 15: 00: Selection of admissions, explanation of scholarship system
15: 00 ~: Individual consultation meeting
(*Note: The schedule may change slightly in the future.)
Online individual counseling (school outline, curriculum, course delivery method, entrance examinations, scholarship system, etc.)
Registration for International Students

April 14, 2024 (Sun)

The Importance of Data Visualization
Lecturer Associate Professor Seiichiro Aoki

With the significant increase in computer processing power, it has become possible to handle diverse and large amounts of data, known as big data. Generative AI, which has been used in various fields in recent years, for example, in the field of language, large-scale language models generated by learning large amounts of text data are being utilized. Currently, as such tools become more better, the processing content is becoming more and more like a black box. While users can utilize data without necessarily understanding its characteristics, data analysis specialists, called data scientists, are required to extract valuable information from data and use it for business purposes, and visualization. For example, spatial distribution can be understood from images, and time-series changes can be understood from videos. In this mini lecture, I will talk about the importance of data visualization, including videos made by students in our master project.


Associate Professor. Seiichiro Aoki


  • Bachelor of Science, Osaka University, PhD in Science, the Graduate School of Science, Tokyo University (Astronomy)
  • Director of Astronomy Dissemination Project Office, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University. Part-time Lecturer, Kansai University. Part-time Lecturer, Osaka University of Economics. Former Research Fellow, Osaka University. Former Part-time Lecturer, Shiga University.
  • Received the Science and Technology Award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2013.

Information on Individual Consultation at The Kyoto College of Graduate School for Informatics

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