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Information Sessions at Sapporo Satellite Campus Graduate School

Request and notice for prevention of new coronavirus infection

  • Please make sure to wear a mask when you come to school.
  • Hand alcohol disinfection and body temperature measurement will be done at the reception.
  • If your body temperature is over 37.0℃, you will not be allowed to participate in principle.
  • Please refrain from coming to school if you have a fever or cold-like symptoms on the day of the event, or if you are worried about your health.
  • We will ventilate the venue as much as possible.
    *Please note that the room temperature will fluctuate during ventilation.
  • We will do our best to accommodate you at a distance.
  • If you have traveled abroad within the past month, we may not accept your application.
  • If you do not make an appointment for the graduate school information session and come to the school on the day, we will not be able to help you.
  • Please note that it may take longer than usual to send materials.

The schedule and contents may be subject to change depending on the status of the new coronavirus epidemic.

Reservations will be closed as soon as capacity is reached or without notice depending on the situation.


*Information Session for Sapporo Satellite Campus Graduate School program is held online (Zoom), and the reservation deadline is set.

Date and Time
February 11, 2023 (Sat/Nat. Holiday). Reception 12:45. Start 13: 00~ , Online (Zoom) *Information session for international students will be held at the same time.
The Kyoto College of Graduate School for Informatics Sapporo Satellite Campus map
Time Schedule
12: 30 Reception, 13: 00 Start
13: 00 ~ 13: 50: School Outline, Educational Curriculum Description, and Equipment Introduction
13: 50 ~ 14: 00: Break
14: 00 ~ 14: 45: Mini Lecture
14: 45 ~ 15: 00: Selection of admissions, explanation of scholarship system
15: 00 ~: Individual consultation meeting
(*Note: The schedule may change slightly in the future.)
Online individual counseling (school outline, curriculum, course delivery method, entrance examinations, scholarship system, etc.)
Registration for International Students

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Mini Lecture

We will announce the details as soon as it is finalized.

Responsible Teachers

Professor. Yasuhiro Noishiki


  • Bachelor of Science, Ritsumeikan University
  • Former employee of Japan DEC Co., Ltd., former employee of Hewlett-Packard Japan Co., Ltd.

Friday, February 21, 2022

Mini Lecture

We will announce the details as soon as it is finalized.

Responsible Teachers

Professor. Akiyoshi Watanabe


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Master of Engineering, Kyoto University (Department of Applied Systems Science)
  • Former employee of Nakamichi Co., Ltd.

Information on Individual Consultation at The Kyoto College of Graduate School for Informatics

We offer individual consultation at our Kyoto school at any time. While answering your questions, we will explain the characteristics of the university, its curriculum, and its scholarship system.

The Kyoto College of Graduate School for Informatics Admission Center

TEL: 075-681-6332  0120-911-122 (Enrollment consultation only)
Fax: 075-681-6335 E-mail:

For international students

TEL: 075-681-6334 E-mail: