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Yasuhiro Takeda

Yasuhiro Takeda


  • Representative Director, GAINAX Kyoto Corporation
  • Member of Science Fiction Writers Club of Japan, Member of Space Writers Club
  • He has been a director of GAINAX Corporation since its establishment, which has produced many of Japan's leading animations, including "Nadia of the Mysterious Sea" and "Gurren Lagann."


My main job up until now has been as a producer of animation projects at Gainax. We make plans for anime, negotiate with the company we want to work with, decide the broadcast frame, and secure the budget concretely. It is important to consider how to collect the funds after the work is completed. Doing that is business.

My projects include 'After-School Pleaides' and 'Grenragan'. We are currently working on several new anime projects. It's just a coincidence that I'm in my current job. I studied something completely different when I was a student. However, when I was a student, I loved hosting events and independent production activities, then they eventually became my career. So I still feel like an amateur. Or, more precisely, I always try to keep the mindset of my amateur days: "Take the lead in doing something fun and funny.”

Planning and producing anime works require a lot of energy. Moreover, it is an important responsibility to collect funds and produce the work. The work is viewed by people, evaluated, collects the money back, then finally, make a profit. “Planning” requires contemplation of all these phases to be final. If you say you are satisfied as long as you can create the work, it's just self-satisfaction. The work is complete only after receiving evaluation. The evaluation is directed not only to the final products, but also to your actions, statements, and all that is announced to the world. So, please learn with the spirit to stand up to this evaluation.

Responsible Subject

  • Special Lecture on Animation Planning, Production and Promotion
  • Master Project

Business Performance

  • As an animation producer at Gainax Co., Ltd., he has produced many works.

Major Produced Works

  • "Puchimi Yusi"
  • "Aim for the Top 2!"
  • "Aim for the top! Theatre version "
  • "Aim for the Top 2! Theatre version "
  • "Abenobashi Magical Shopping District"
  • "Grenragan"
  • "Shibihime"
  • "Hanamaru Kindergarten"
  • "Pantyhose with Garter Belt"
  • "Subaru x Gainax Project/After School Pleiades"


  • Neon Genesis Evangelion "steel girlfriend"

Literary works

  • 'No-Tenki Tsushin/Men who made Evangelion'

Interviews with Academic Staff