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IT Entrepreneurship


IT entrepreneurs are responsible for the development, promotion, and operation of their own IT venture business, and support the development of businesses in different industries by applying their know-how.In this specialized field, the goal is to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and leadership, and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to start a business in the field of IT business.Students will focus on e-commerce and web business, as well as basic concepts of finance, marketing and management.

Target Career Paths

  • Business Consultants
  • Business owners
  • Supporters of corporate analysis and venture investment business
  • Producers of business development in a company

Past Course Completion Project Themes

  • Commercialization of Cajon playing robot Cabot
  • Proposal of value-added services for private lodging (minpaku) management
  • WeChat Bot service to support rental housing for Chinese students

Graduates who have started a business in the past



Representative Director of Meito Co., Ltd.
Graduated September 2013 from Shandong Youth Political Science Institute, China

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Voice of the Project Instructor

Associate Professor Kengo Onishi

Our school actively employs teachers with business backgrounds and entrepreneurship skills and has produced many entrepreneurs since its opening.Our curriculum is unique to a professional graduate school and includes knowledge of management practices and skills in marketing and customer management using ICT. They are necessary for starting a business, and leading the development of entrepreneurs.

Based on these achievements, we were selected as a "Cooperative educational institution for formulation, testing, and evaluation of IT entrepreneur talent cultivation at the universities by the Innovation Human Resources Center, IT Human Resources Development Division, Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA).We currently collaborate and compete with other universities to develop a new curriculum for entrepreneur development.

If you develop your ability to create reports using ICT technology, it is not a dream for you to start a business with subsidies from public organizations.

A JMOOC online course for entrepreneurship created by our students won first place in a contest!

In February 2016, there was a contest event called "JMOOC University Team Championship" (from December 2015 to January 2016), in which online courses created by college students were offered on line, and our student team won the first prize commendation from the JMOOC University Team Championship Executive Committee.

This championship was presented by JMOOC, which regularly offers courses for universities and companies, with the theme of "an online course by the students that is both interesting and instructive". Our student team chose a title “Shooting for IT Venture: Thinking about Entrepreneurship with Kyokotan ” They took the lectures of the faculty members at our school and our group school, KCG, and turned it into a course to learn necessary knowledge and skills for starting new business in the IT industry.The official KCG character "Kyokotan" served as the overall guide, and was designed to be easy to learn.

In the competition, this course gained the highest number of registered students and marked the highest level of content satisfaction. As a result, it was selected for the 1st prize.