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Current Students

在学生 土井さん

Mr. Doi

Enrolled Spring 2022
Graduated in Business and Management Informatics Program from Kyoto Computer Gakuin
Concentration: Data Science

You will not only acquire research skills, but also practical knowledge

You will not only acquire research skills, but also practical knowledge. While studying management and IT in the Business and Management Informatics Program at Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) and deepening my understanding of ERP, I became interested in learning more about data analysis, which can lead to improved corporate performance, and decided to enter The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI), which offers data science as a specialized field. I wanted to acquire practical knowledge in graduate school, not just research, and KCGI was a good match. When I looked at the curriculum, I saw that there were some interesting lectures.

’Advanced Database Theory’ is interesting

The studies are consistent with the purpose of higher education. The most impressive subject for me was Leadership Theory. I was able to learn about leadership, which I thought only to be a natural talent, but it is something I could develop. Also, "Advanced Database Theory" is interesting and instructive because its content is close to practical work. In another subject, I found a theme from my part-time job as a hotel receptionist, and I felt a sense of fulfillment when I analyzed reviews of the top 10 most popular hotels in Kyoto and presented my findings. Because of the Corona pandemic, many lectures were given online, and although I had less interaction with other people, I have been able to study without any problems.

I want to become a problem solver

I would like to become a person who can solve problems. I believe that I can get closer to becoming such a person by improving three skills: (1) the ability to implement requirements, (2) knowledge of the domain, and (3) the ability to make technical decisions. I would like to work as a software engineer after completing my degree at KCGI and continue my studies in order to acquire a solid foundation in practical work and to become a person who is needed in society. See Mr. Doi's video below (only in Japanese)

在学生 島村さん

Ms. Shimamura

Enrolled in Spring 2022
Graduated from Faculty of Medicine at Kyoto University
President and Representative Director, Lino Co.
Bespoke Curriculum

The appeal of the Bespoke Curriculum

I manage a consulting firm in the healthcare field, and strongly felt the need to increase my IT knowledge and data utilization in my work. The healthcare industry is influenced by government policies, including digital transformation (DX). When I searched for a graduate school where I could learn about the IT field, I decided to enroll at KCGI because it offered three advantages: I could earn a master's degree while still working, lectures could be taken online, and there was a Bespoke Curriculum that allowed me to learn beyond my existing field of specialization. The Bespoke Curriculum is particularly appealing because it allows students to pick up and study only those subjects that are necessary for their work.

Students new to IT can learn the basics and develop

Since I am new to IT, I find it quite difficult, especially in subjects related to technology, and I spend about two and a half hours repeatedly watching 30-minute on-demand lecture videos and compiling them into a notebook. I can feel my growth when I submit the final assignments and tests. At KCGI, I have a teacher assigned to me as an academic coordinator, so I can study with peace of mind knowing that I will be guided along the learning path.

To use IT knowledge as a medical researcher and manager

After completing the program, I will use the IT knowledge I have acquired in my business. I also hope to advance to a doctoral program in medicine, which will also require programming and data analysis techniques, so I would like to make use of what I have learned. I will be a manager and a researcher at the same time, and IT knowledge is necessary for both. I plan to complete the program in three years by taking advantage of the long-term student program, although I would like one more year since KCGI is a school full of things I would like to know more about. See Ms. Shimamura's video below (only in Japanese)

在学生 佐久間さん

Ms. Sakuma

Enrolled Spring 2022 at Tokyo Satellite
Graduated from Faculty of Liberal Arts at Teikyo University
Concentration: Web Systems Development

Tokyo Satellite, perfect for those who want to learn IT from the basics

I studied psychology at university and initially considered going on to graduate school to become a licensed psychologist and work as a counselor. However, I began to wonder if it would be possible to communicate "mental health" more widely than one-on-one counseling, and I decided to try learning about IT, even though I had no knowledge of it. I learned about professional graduate schools that were not research-oriented, and among them, KCGI, which has a satellite campus in Tokyo and teaches IT from the basics, was perfect for my needs.

Hear about first-hand experience in the IT business field

First of all, I wanted to gain a broad knowledge of IT, even if it was limited, so I took basic courses in various genres such as programming, databases, and networks. I took the lectures online in real time using the Corona pandemic, and I have been able to communicate with the teachers easy and comfortably without any problems. The online discussions held regularly with students at the Kyoto campus are very enjoyable. I feel that KCGI students come from a variety of backgrounds, including working professionals, liberal arts majors, and students from Kyoto Computer Gakuin, and I am encouraged and motivated as we discuss a wide range of topics.

Challenging to develop an app that conveys a wide range of "mental health" information

I am now having fun learning programming. At first, I knew nothing about the programming languages, but I was able to develop something while yelling at my computer. Even when I was screaming, I still enjoyed. I found this phenomenon fascinating. In the future, I would like to further improve my knowledge and skills and try my hand at mobile application development. I will do my best to become a person who can combine psychology and information technology to develop applications that convey a wide range of "mental health" information. See Ms. Shimamura's video below (only in Japanese)

在学生 髙波さん

Mr. Takanami

Enrolled Spring 2021 at Tokyo Satelite
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Gakushuin University
Working at Agent Grow
Concentration: Global Entrepreneurship

Learning about both IT and Management and have a base in Tokyo

I first became interested in IT when I saw R programming in a statistics course at Gakushuin University. After graduation, I joined a system engineering services (SES) company that handles outsourcing contracts for the development, maintenance, and operation of software and systems, where I was in charge of work related to internal systems. I could not compete technically with the best graduates of technical schools, so I felt that I wanted to compete in management and consulting, and I was inspired to learn more. When I researched graduate schools, I found that KCGI, where I could study "IT and management" at the same time, was perfect for me, and with the added advantage of having a satellite near my home, I decided to enroll.

Work School Balance

I had high expectations for my studies since there were many professors who had experience working at the forefront of IT and who had graduated from Kyoto University. I decided on "Global Entrepreneurship" as my field of specialization and took courses such as "Advanced Management Studies" and "Introduction to Web Business. I am able to balance my work and school life while living in Tokyo.

One day, I will start my own IT-related company

It would be a pity to miss out on learning opportunities because I am not good at mathematics or because I have little knowledge of computers. I would like to challenge myself to study not only the management field but also various other fields. So far, I have been interested in ERP lectures. My goal is to eventually start my own IT-related company, but I am enjoying the "sense of fulfillment" of gaining various kinds of knowledge, including ERP, every day. See Mr. Takanami's video below (only in Japanese)

在学生 Thuyさん

Ms. Thuy

Enrolled Spring 2022
Graduated from the Department of Japanese Studies at Thai Long University in Vietnam
Concentration: ERP

Senior students trust KCGI for their studies abroad, the excellent educational environment is a plus too

I had an internship at a Japanese ryokan for 8 months while in college and wanted to study abroad in Japan after graduation. However, when I wanted to study more Japanese, one of my seniors who had completed KCGI introduced me to KCGI and IT, which sparked my interest, and I was able to study in Japan when immigration restrictions were eased. I felt that KCGI, where my respected seniors had studied, was trustworthy, and I was attracted to both the excellent educational environment and Kyoto.

Study the fundamentals and learn more about the specialized fields

Naturally, there were many IT-related subjects, and I thought it would be difficult for me because I had no computer knowledge before, but the teachers were passionate and helped me overcome the difficulties. I was able to learn well from the basics, and now I am doing well in my ERP studies. Most of the lectures are in a hybrid format, so I took most of them online in the spring semester right after entering the school, but I started coming to school more often in the fall semester. The new building was completed in the summer and the facilities are very nice. I hope to make many more friends, both international and Japanese students.

Find a job in Japan and utilize the skills I acquired at KCGI

I would like to find a job in Japan where I can use my programming skills such as JavaScript and HTML that I acquired at KCGI, as well as work with ERP applications and SAP. In the future, I hope to return to Vietnam and work in the IT industry. IT companies in Vietnam are continuing to develop, and there is a great need for human resources. I believe that a Japanese-affiliated company can serve as a bridge between the two countries. I would like to make use of the skills and experience I learned in Japan in Vietnam. See Ms. Thuy’s video below (only in Japanese)

在学生 Valerijsさん

Mr. Valerijs

Enrolled Spring 2022
Graduated in Business Administration from BA School of Business and Finance in Latvia
Graduated in Managment from SBS Swiss Business School in Switzerland
Concentration: Data Science

Choosing KCGI for its history and professional level program

I studied the Japanese economy, including Abenomics, at university, but a trip to Japan made me want to stay longer and learn Japanese, so I left the bank where I had worked since my junior year of college and came to Japan. I wanted to study analytics and data science, and while attending a Japanese language school in Kyoto, I searched for a graduate school nearby and found KCGI, a computer education group with a long history with a professional level program. I was convinced that I could acquire the skills I was looking for here.

Business Data Analytics, my specialty, has become an important part of my work

When I first enrolled in the program, I felt inconvenienced at first by the many online lectures due to the Corona pandemic, but the professors devised teaching methods that enabled me to study at the same level as in person. Nowadays, companies have a lot of information, and business data analytics is an important job for them. The content of the specialized courses is what I expected and I am satisfied with the state-of-the-art facilities. The restrictions on entry into Japan have been eased and other international students have come to Japan, and I have made many friends, including Japanese students. I like shrines and temples, and I go to Toji Temple near my home every day to relax. My life as an international student has been enjoyable and fulfilling.

Finding a job at an IT company in western Japan is my goal

I would like to work for an IT company in western Japan, especially in Osaka, a big city in Japan. I also have knowledge and experience in finance, so I would like to work as a business analyst. I studied IT on my own, but I was able to improve my skills at KCGI, so I would like to make use of those skills. I would like to work for the same company for a long time, and if I can find a job in Japan, I would like to continue working there for more than three years. The support I received from the KCGI Career Center was reassuring in my job search. See Mr. Valerijs’ video below (only in Japanese)

在学生 Rabinsonさん

Mr. Rabinson

Enrolled Spring 2022
Graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya in India
Concentration: Web System Development

Learn about Japan's superior IT in English

While working as a software development engineer for an IT company in Nepal and then India after graduating from university, I wanted to study IT further abroad. When I was looking for a place to study abroad, I found that Japanese technology was very good, and I decided to study at KCGI because it offered lectures in English mode and had professors in both academic and practical areas. I was able to study here in April 2022, when the restrictions on entry into Japan due to the new coronavirus were eased.

Teachers responded to students' repeated questions until they understand.

The content of the lectures at KCGI met my expectations, and I was particularly satisfied with the excellent Japanese technologies such as ICT, AI, and VR. The teachers were enthusiastic and answered students' repeated questions in detail until they understood. I learned a lot of things such as presentation skills and teamwork. I also had a lot of support for my daily life and met many international students from various cultures outside of India. I have been taking most of my classes online, but I am looking forward to making friends with Japanese students as I have more opportunities to go to school.

I want to work for a Japanese IT company that is operating on a global level

I will further improve my Japanese skills, complete the research paper I am currently working on, and focus on job hunting. I would like to work for a Japanese IT company that is working on a global level and is well-known and has a strong influence and presence. After joining the company, I would like to continue my studies and grow in the IT industry, first as a programmer and then as a software developer, while improving my skills. Through my experience at my part-time IT company, I have come to like Japanese culture and lifestyle. I would like to stay in Japan after I get a job here. See Mr. Rabinson’s video below (only in English)

在学生 顔さん

Ms. Yan

Enrolled Fall 2021
Graduated from Shanghai Jianqiao Institute of Internet Engineering, China
Concentration: Global Entrepreneurship

With an interest in IT, went to study at KCGI from an affiliated university

I have loved Japanese animation since I was a child and studied Japanese until my senior year of high school. When I was thinking about studying abroad in Japan in the future, one of my seniors who had just entered KCGI recommended KCGI to me, and I decided to study at KCGI after realizing that I could study IT, which was something I was interested in. I felt at ease because many of my friends were studying at here at KCGI.

Great new school building, great student life in Kyoto!

I enrolled in KCGI during my senior year at Shanghai Jianqiao Institute through the partnership program and began studying at both institutions. Due to the Corona pandemic entry restrictions, my first year at KCGI was entirely online; KCGI is fully equipped, the teachers are highly qualified, and recorded lectures can be uploaded to a state-of-the-art learning management system for students to review at their leisure. The new building, which has just been completed, is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and provides a wonderful educational environment. The most interesting subject is "Design Thinking. Student life in Kyoto is very enjoyable. On weekends, my roommates and I go out to shrines, mountains, rivers, etc., and it is very fulfilling.

My goal is to find a job in Japan in the IT field and utilize what I have acquired at KCGI

I would like to find a job in Japan in the IT field where I can utilize the knowledge and skills I have acquired at KCGI. I have not yet decided on the specific type of work I want to do, but from the 2023 spring semester, I will work hard in master projects and other lectures, and with the advice of my professors, I will find what I want to do. After finding a job, I hope to have many opportunities to travel to China, where my parents live, but if it is difficult, I would like to return to Japan in a couple of years and find a job where my studies and experience in Japan will be useful. See Ms. Yan's video below (only in Japanese)

在学生 板屋さん

Mr. Itaya

Enrolled Spring 2022
Graduated from Soka University, School of International Liberal Studies
Worked at Accenture Japan Ltd.

To learn broadly and systematically and become familiar with the IT field.

I have participated in projects in the fields of consulting, system development, and business process outsourcing at a general consulting firm that specializes in the IT field. In the course of my work, I have come to realize the importance of being well versed in the IT field as a consultant who connects IT and business. We thought it would be valuable to have people who are well versed in both IT and business. I decided to enroll in graduate school at KCGI, which accepts liberal arts majors and offers a long-term enrollment system and scholarships.

Learning from the basics with a focus on IT

KCGI has a system to support working people who cannot attend lectures due to work, but can take on-demand courses and submit exams and assignments on an individual basis. I feel it is also an advantage to be able to take courses online without location restrictions and to watch recordings of lectures over and over again to deepen my understanding. I can also participate in real-time online lectures that are held after work hours, and I sometimes have group work sessions with other working students and international students. I am surprised and inspired by the fact that many international students are interested in the IT field and studying in Japan. I am studying mainly IT-related subjects through the bespoke curriculum, which allows students to choose their own curriculum without specifying a specific field of study. I plan to complete my studies over three years using the long-term student system, and during the first year, I studied mathematics, the programming language Python, and databases, which will be the foundation for my future studies.

Cycle of learning and practicing

In the future, I would like to learn more about AI and data analysis methods and apply them to my work. By having the opportunity to go through the cycle of ‘learning’ as an academic subject and ‘practicing’ at work, I am able to further deepen my understanding. For example, AI can be used when considering strategies, and a wide range of IT knowledge is necessary when proposing business improvement to customers. I would like to develop systems someday, and there are still many things I would like to learn in the future. See Mr. Itaya's video below (only in Japanese)

在学生 鳥原さん

Mr. Torihara

Enrolled Spring 2022 at Tokyo Satellite
Graduated in Information Management from Sanno University
Worked at Idemitsu Tanker Co.

A keen realization that IT utilization is required even in the sales department

I worked for a shipping company and was registered in the sales department, which had nothing to do with IT, when I was unexpectedly assigned as a project manager for the implementation of a core system. Through this work, I became aware of the importance of data science and witnessed the situation where useful web services were not being used in the business world. I realized that IT would be required to be utilized for "business model reform" in the future, especially in the sales department. Therefore, I decided to go on to higher education in order to acquire knowledge of the latest IT and business, including AI, and to contribute to the promotion of innovation in the sales department in the future. I searched for an educational institution in Tokyo where I could learn about IT and business while working, and KCGI fit the bill perfectly. I was also attracted by the fact that KCGI is open to students of all backgrounds, regardless of whether they have a liberal arts or science degree.

A well-developed and highly selective curriculum, you will get fast results

I am taking advantage of the scholarship program. The curriculum is well-developed and offers a high degree of freedom of choice. I also appreciate the fact that I can take courses outside my field of specialization. The lectures on databases are particularly interesting, and I have been able to effectively use data that I knew how to use but could not make good use of before, by backing it up with theory. The learning management system is very well designed, and the system allows me to retrieve lecture materials, link to lecture videos, and communicate with faculty members. The system is especially helpful for me as a working person who is busy with my daily work, and I am able to view a list of assignments in the order of due date. After selecting the curriculum and continuing my studies, I was able to have professional discussions with people in the information systems department of my company and was involved in the planning of DX (Digital Transformation) projects.

Making the shipping industry's business model better with IT

My goal is to become a planner who can implement IT in the shipping business. In particular, I am interested in the creation of data distribution systems and their implementation in business. As a specific example, I am working on a system to immediately calculate the economic efficiency of a fleet of crude oil carriers bound for Japan based on a database of ship navigation history. I hope to use my graduate studies and past experience to change the business model of the shipping industry to a better one with IT. I will continue to devote myself to contributing to the DX of Japan's social infrastructure.