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Naoya Bessho

Naoya Bessho


  • Bachelor of Law, Keio University
  • Yahoo Japan Corporation, Former Corporate Officer, General Counsel, Head of Policy Planning and Compliance, Head of CEO Office, in areas of pubicity, legal affairs, public services, intelligence. Senior Advisor, Yahoo Japan Corporation
  • Representative Director, Luke Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of Kioi-cho Strategic Research Institute Co., Ltd., Executive Director of the Japan Law and Computer Society, Executive Director of the General Association for Genomic Information Management, Executive Director of the Japan IT Federation


It is inevitable to deal with the rules when we do business. Rules, whether we're aware of them or not, shape society. We can do business freely, or in some cases, there are restrictions because rules exist.

The first lesson in dealing with rules is to obey them. The term compliance (with laws and regulations) has become widely used in society. It is important for companies to follow the rules in business activities.

However, we must not forget that rules are created by people. Rules, which are one of the important elements in designing our society, can be said to be formed based on the common theme of many people in what kind of society they want to realize. In other words, rules must be constantly reviewed as the social design transforms itself in response to technological progress and changes in people's mindsets.

The challenge of present time is that few people know the process of reviewing rules, and few understand the fact that anyone can be involved in rule making.

I hope that you will understand how to deal with the rules and think about what you can do to shape a prosperous society in the future. The future is on your shoulders.

Responsible Subject

  • Rules for New Business

Field of Specialization

  • Lobbying Research, Corporate Governance and Corporate Legal (Intellectual property management, M & A, risk management, etc.)

Business Performance


  • Changing the law - Introduction to lobbying, Intellectual Property Management Vol. 69 No. 4, 2019
  • Impact and Issues of AI on Intellectual Property Law from the Perspective of Practice, and the Legal Times, July 2019


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