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Izu Matsuo

Izu Matsuo


  • Kyoto University, BA in Law University of Southern California, MBA
  • Sony Electronics, Senior Product Marketing Manager Carl Zeiss Vision, Product Manager Kyocera International, Senior Product Manager Expedia Group, Area Manager


In a society and world that is undergoing various changes, I believe that we will be asked what we should be curious about and how we should respond to those changes.I hope that you will learn and act with curiosity, thinking daily about the significance of learning and what you can learn and make of it, as technology, socio-economics, and the world change day by day, and as you are required to have world-class English skills, expertise, and the ability to think from a business perspective.

I myself have lived abroad since childhood, received education and built a career in both Japan and the U.S. I majored in marketing as an MBA student, and in the business world, I have specialized in sales and marketing at manufacturers and IT-related global companies.Based on this experience, I would like to provide more practical and useful lessons from a global perspective in my classes. I will also try to make the learning experience as enjoyable and positive as possible.

I look forward to seeing you, the leaders of the next generation, meet professors from a wide range of fields and students from all over the world, learn together, share time, and spread your wings to the rest of the world.

Responsible Subject

  • Tourism Destination Management
  • Brand Management English
  • Practical Studies for Business Management
  • Introduction to Web Business