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Lee Meihui

Meihui Li


  • Graduate (Preschool Education, Department of Child Education), Shenyang Normal School (Shenyang Normal University), Correspondence Education Psychology Course, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Principle, Kindergarten of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company, Former member, The Association of Science and Technology of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company,Former Manager, The No. 2 Japanese Division of Overseas Educational Service Center, Dalian Foreign Language University, Former executive vice president, Dalian Shihua Overseas Education Service Company, Former Head Manager of the Dalian Office, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Former Head Manager of the Dalian Office, SUBARU Automobile Engineering CollegeAssociation member, Institute of Information Technology, China Independent School Information Management


In recent years, with the globalization of the economy, the number of foreign-affiliated companies advancing into Japan has been increasing. On the other hand, the number of companies moving their manufacturing and sales bases overseas is rapidly increasing due to the activation of overseas markets. It goes without saying that there is an urgent need for these companies to develop and secure global human resources.

"Global human resources" requires international communication skills beyond language skills. The management ability of international companies is also an important part of their skillset. In my lecture, with the aim of developing international human resources, we will examine various topics and deepen understanding. This course provides students with the basic knowledge needed to get a job at an international company, improves their international communication skills, and provides the basis for acquiring management skills that are accepted by international companies.

In order to create an image of human resources capable of supporting the IT business from a global perspective: Why do we need global human resources now? What are global human resources? The tasks include understanding the basics of global human resources management such as communication and multicultural management, ability to expand overseas, global standard talent management, fostering the next generation of global leaders, actual human resource management in China and Asia, and current status of Japanese companies in China and Asia,. It also includes the ability to transfer overseas the practice of international communication management. I hope that The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics will give birth to a large number of people who can play active roles in the global community.

Responsible Subject

  • Global Human Resource Development Theory

Field of Specialization

  • International exchange and Global Management Strategy
  • Kindergarten Education and Management

Business Performance

  • As the second graduate of Shenyang Normal University's School of Child Education, she was appointed assistant director of the Kindergarten General Education Department of the Dalian Ship & Heavy Industries Group. In 1988, she was promoted to director of the nursery and kindergarten of the Dalian Ship & Heavy Industries Group Headquarters, and also became a member of the Dalian Ship & Heavy Industries Group Science and Technology Association. Responsible for curriculum development and review, class supervision and evaluation, and operational management for all four nursery schools and kindergartens at the headquarters and branch offices.At the same time, she was also a member of the judging committee for kindergarten education at the Xigang Children's Center of the Dalian Education Board. The nursery school and kindergarten of the Dalian Ships and Heavy Industries Group have been selected for several years as the best model school in the youth society of Liaoning Province. She served as a tutor in public classes in Liaoning Province
  • She was appointed as the Director of the Second Department of the Study Abroad Service Center of Dalian University of Foreign Languages and was in charge of international exchange and study abroad consultants for more than 100 schools. A large number of excellent students were sent to Japan, and she was also in charge of the management of the Japanese language development course at the Overseas Study Service Center. Every week, she gives study courses to students and adults at Dalian Foreign Language University, and participates in overseas and domestic activities as a member of the Liaoning Provincial Study Association. She was a winner of Dalian City Citizen Evaluation and Study Abroad Award from Dalian Newspaper Co., Ltd. At the same time, she was in charge of the study Abroad Management of the Shenyang Office of the Study Abroad Service Center of Dalian Foreign Language University.
  • She was appointed as vice president of Dalian Se-hwa Foreign Study Service Company, and was in charge of the company's fund management, personnel management, and business management. The study abroad business expanded with countries including Russia, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. Language schools related to Japanese and English education were also managed, and language education prior to departure was carried out. At the same time, she established the Dalian Office of The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics and became its Director.

Academic Paper

  • Conduct moral education for young children in role playing games. Emphasis on educational research for the educational grantee. On the poetry for young children as the creative education (Chinese Society of Ships and Heavy Industries Group for Science and Technology, 1992)