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Learning Support for Busy Working People

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of working adults who study at graduate schools while working to improve their skills and change their careers.

We support these students so they can both work and study at the same time and assist them in becoming highly specialized professionals in the IT field.

We offer courses not only during the daytime on weekdays, but also in the evenings (18:30-21:40) and on Saturdays (9:30-16:40), and support a variety of courses through e-learning.Students can use spare time effectively, such as watching video content using the e-learning system and self-study with downloaded lecture materials. *Some subjects do not support e-learning.

Long-Term Student System

We offer a long-term course completion system that allows students who are working and studying to extend their duration of study and take courses systematically by applying in advance.If your application for long-term study is approved, you can complete the course with tuition for two years, regardless of the duration of study.