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Masayoshi Tezuka

Masayoshi Tezuka


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering, Completion of Doctorial Program, Graduate School of Engineering (Department of Communication Engineering), Osaka University
  • Former Senior Researcher, Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.; Former Associate Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology (Department of Information Engineering); Former Senior Manager, Fujitsu Institute of Management, Ltd.
  • Senior Staff, Department of Web Business Technology, Graduate School of Applied Information Technology


More than 30 years ago, I joined Fujitsu Limited Corporation and was assigned to the Software Research Division of the Research Institute. In 1970, I began research on the practical application of "Relational database management system (RDBMS)", which I had been aiming to commercialize at IBM San Jose Research Institute. Two and a half years later, we fabricated a prototype of the first RDBMS (RDB/V1) in Japan, delivered it to the Large Computer Center of Kyoto University and the National Land Agency (Current Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), and conducted operational experiments. Based on this technology, we announced a commercial RDB in the fall of 1981, six months ahead of our leading competitors. Oracle, the world's leading DB vendor today, was a minicomputer-based venture at that time. After more than 30 years, when you compare the software vendors of the major computer manufacturers in Japan with those of the U.S., you can see a stark contrast in their entrepreneurial spirit. Today, with Web business becoming the mainstream, I am keenly aware of the important task for young software engineers, including students in Japan, to firmly acquire the ability to develop systems to create hit products for new businesses in order to secure the status of "Manufactured in Japan".

Later, I participated in the Fifth Generation (FGCS) project of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and the digital library system development project, and provided research guidance on knowledge information processing systems and object-oriented databases.

Based on my experience of research supervision in areas of object-oriented software development and knowledge-based management at research institutes of private enterprises, I aim to train highly specialized human resources with system planning and design capabilities that respond to new needs in Web business, and project management capabilities that enable teams to work together to create products at our school. I would like to utilize my experience of practical training at Kanazawa Institute of Technology and Fujitsu University as well.

Responsible Subject

  • Object-Oriented System Design
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Fundamentals of Database Technology

Field of Specialization

I have strong interest in relational algebra and normalization theory which give the theoretical basis of the database system, optimization technique and efficient construction theory of the database system, as well as knowledge base and multi-media construction by distributed database construction and object-oriented approaches. Actually, I was involved with the development of the first relational database management system in Japan in the enterprise research laboratory. We attempted through practical application and our experience to produce new performance improvement measures through the application to various social systems. I have also challenged the extension of the application range to relational database systems. For example, the following subjects were tackled: homogeneous dispersion (horizontal decentralization) technology of the database using the communication network technology, multimedia database technology including image, voice, image, etc. from numerical and character media, and the development of next generation electronic library system. In addition, problems of the application field of the database to Internet business model (E-Commerce, Web shopping, etc.) was developed. In addition, my challenge continues in the area of system development of new business intelligence fields, which utilize data warehouse (Data warehouse) supporting SCM, CRM, ERP system. It constitutes the core part of the IT system and data mining technology in the global enterprises in the 21st century.

Business Performance


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