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Sonoyo Mukai

Sonoyo Mukai


  • B.S. , Master and Doctoral Course, Kyoto University (Major in Astrophysics), Doctor of Science
  • Former Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Former Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Kinki University
  • Member of Aerosol Society of Japan, Member of Remote Sensing Society of Japan (Councilor), Member of IEEE


"Support the global environment with your IT"

I have been tackling global environmental problems by applying the theory of light scattering in the star atmosphere, which I studied in the astrophysics laboratory when I was in graduate school, to the earth atmosphere. To understand the global environment for complex and massive systems and data, an understanding of a wide range of scientific knowledge and advanced information technology are essential. Learn about global environmental problems we are currently facing, such as pollution and global warming, think about "what we can do" and "what we must do" to solve these environmental problems, and go one step further to acquire "the initiative to take action" to tackle environmental problems by utilizing the IT skills that each of you has acquired.

Responsible Subject

  • Environmental Information System

Field of Specialization

  • Radiation simulation in the earth atmosphere model and remote sensing of atmospheric fine particles from the ground and satellites

Business Performance


  • The Remote Sensing Society of Japan, won the Best Paper Award: "Global Distribution of Aerosol Characteristics Derived from POLDER Multidirectional Data" by Sonoyo Mukai, Itaru Sano, Journal of the Japan Remote Sensing Society, 20 (3), pp. 85 -93, 2000.
  • The Scientific Award of Excellence 2011 in the field of Earth & Planetary Science: Recognized by The American Biographic Institute


  • Atmospheric Environmental Impact of Aerosols (co-authorship), Kyoto University Press, 2007
  • Atmosphere and Microparticles: Aerosols and the Global Environment (co-authorship), Kyoto University Press, 2008
  • Kosa (co-authorship), Kokinshoin, 2009

7 other books in total


  • Development of 3D Video Teaching Material Creation System: A Stereo Video Organization Tool, NAIS Journal Vol. 6, 2011, Co-authored
  • Size distribution model of atmospheric aerosols, NAIS Journal Vol. 7, 2012, co-authored
  • Relationship between AOT and PM based on multi-measurements and model simulations, Nais Journal Vol. 7, 2012, co-authored
  • DEDICATION for Prof. Sueo UENO, Nais Journal Vol. 7, 2012, co-authored
  • Ground and satellite-based measurements of aerosols during heavy haze events, Nais Journal Vol. 9, 2014, co-authored
  • Air Quality, Nais Journal Vol. 10, 2015
  • Accumu | Kyoto Computer Gakuin Alumni Association bulletin

In addition, approximately 150 books

External research funds received as representatives

  • Grants-in-aid for scientific research: 10 projects
  • Contract research grants (NASDA/JAXA): 4
  • Academic Research Advancement Project of Private Universities (ORC): 1 project