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Disclosure Of Information

  1. Basic information on education and research
    1. About the purpose of education and research at universities [Relating to Item 1]
    2. About basic organizations for education and research [Relating to Item 2]
    3. About facilities and equipment such as school sites and school buildings, and other matters concerning the educational and research environment for students [Relating to Item 7]
    4. About tuition, enrollment fees, and other fees collected by a university [Relating to Item 8]
    5. Earthquake resistance rate of school buildings, etc. (PDF)
    6. Donation act, officer list
  2. Academic Information, etc.
    1. About the organization of teachers, the number of teachers, and the degrees and achievements held by each teacher [Relating to Item 3]
    2. About the policy on the admission of new students, the admission capacity, the number of students enrolled, the number of graduates or graduates, the number of persons advancing to universities and finding employment, and other matters related to the status of advancement and employment [Referred to in Item 4]
    3. About subjects, methods and contents of classes, and the annual class plan [Relating to Item 5]
    4. About standards for evaluation of the results of study and for approval of completion [Relating to Item 6]
    5. About support provided by universities for students' studies, career choices and mental and physical health, etc. [Referred to in Item 9]
    6. Information on the knowledge and abilities required to be acquired by students for educational purposes [related to paragraph 2]
  3. Financial Information