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Eiki Satomi

Eiki Satomi


  • M.B.A. (Entrepreneurship), Otaru University of Commerce
  • After working for Nanxing Building Co., Ltd. and Dutt Limited (Now known as Dutt Japan Co., Ltd.), he established Media Magic Co., Ltd. in 1996. Representative Director
  • Vice President, Hokkaido Information System Industries Association (HISA), Representative Director, Hokkaido Mobile Content Business Council, First Representative Member, Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Vice Chairman, International Economic Exchange Committee),Director, Hokkaido Japan-China Economic Friendship Association


The most important thing in providing contents to the users who are general consumers is not how much effort is made to provide the contents, but how the contents are received as a result.

I have been working on content development for various operating systems and platforms such as PCs, mobile phones, and smartphones. There are a number of limitations to content development on each platform. The content that can be expressed is greatly limited by the specifications of the hardware and the environment in which the content is provided. The development efficiency of the content and the specifications of the program that can be created are greatly affected by the operating system and the development language installed. And, the content itself is also greatly limited by the budget, personnel, and time put into it. It is extremely difficult to provide contents favorably accepted by users despite the limitations mentioned above. However, the content user is a consumer who has no idea of the restrictions mentioned above, and whether the content is good or bad is judged only by the usability of the provided content and whether the content satisfies the user.

When you are involved in development, you tend to look at things from a short-sighted perspective, but I hope you will acquire the ability to see the entire content business from the consumer's perspective.

Responsible Subject

  • Current Issues in IT Industry

Business Performance

  • Computer Software Dream Reception Open Category Award, 1989
  • AVA Grand Prix (Current Digital Content Grand Prix), Minister of International Trade and Industry Award, 1989
  • Incentive Award of the Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Northern Entrepreneur Awards", 2005
  • Hokkaido IT Management Contribution Award, 2010