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Kengo Ōnishi

Kengo Onishi


  • Bachelor of Architecture, Kansai University
  • Director, Onishi Construction Co., Ltd., Vice President, Kyoto Landscape Forum (a specified nonprofit corporation), President, Kizuno-Machizukuri Council (a specified non-profit corporation), Roundabout Representative, Design Office
  • first-class architect, an emergency risk assessor of buildings damaged by the earthquake in Kyoto Prefecture, an earthquake-resistant assessor of wooden houses in Kyoto Prefecture, the 22nd chairman and current advisor of the Kyoto branch youth division of the Kyoto Prefecture Construction Contractors Association, and the 31st chairman of the Kyoto Construction Club of the Japan Youth Chamber of Construction.


There is a wide gap between the needs of customers (society) and manufacturers (vendors) who develop software and hardware to meet their needs. Whether developing an order system, selling standard package software, planning some kind of project, or proceeding with the design of logo catch copy, it is important to always be aware of the market, interpersonal, and technical gaps and to have the ability to advance the project in a better direction with advanced discussion skills, logical thinking skills, and presentation skills.

In my lectures, I begin by understanding the gaps that always exist between individuals, learn how to deal with them and solve various market and technical gaps by referring to specific examples, and develop the problem-solving skills that are necessary even when starting an independent business, working for a company, or engaging in a specific job within a company. In addition, we learn how to use gaps in business from examples of content utilization. The goal is to learn the basic solution method of the general gap in the basic design of the system (requirements definition and analysis) and the project, and to acquire the project management skills necessary for the startup and management.

Responsible Subject

  • Business Presentation
  • Content Promotion Strategy

Field of Specialization

  • Business Management Theory
  • Management consultant for new business development
  • Architecture, Architectural Design

Business Performance

  • Lead a group with new proposals as an executive of a group of managers
  • Promoted new projects in the construction industry, such as projects to help the construction industry and the region regain vigor, frontier projects through the cooperation of construction companies (projects are subsidized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), and projects to support the construction industry in new fields in Kyoto Prefecture


  • (2013, Kyoto Machi Navi 100 selections, articles in magazine, single article) a movement to link life in the mountains with people's lives
  • Use of thinned wood as woody road surface material (2013, Environmental Business, Articles on Page, Single Author)
  • Development of "Woody road surface material" with excellent durability and low heat storage (2013, Construction Industry Shinkou magazine article, single article)

Academic Paper

  • Interlocking Block Forming from Thinned Wood Using High Pressure Steam Compression Forming (2011, 61 Japan Wood Society, Co-authored)
  • About "standards of character" on Sanjo-dori Street (2012 and 2012: Kyoto Landscape Forum, single author)
  • NAIS Journal Vol. 10, 2015 on the development of road network for Japanese forestry IT