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Hiromi Kitayama

Hiromi Kitayama


  • Advisor, ALBASU Co. Ltd., Founder and the first representative director of KEISHIN SYSTEM RESEARCH CO.LTD. Former Comway Business General Advisor Co., Ltd., Former President of the Kyoto Computer Business Cooperative, Former CEO of ALPHALINE CO.,LTD
  • Member of Information Systems Society of Japan, Advisor, Kyoto Prefecture Information Industries Association


I have been involved in the management of information business for many years. During my activities as a member of the Information Systems Society, my research theme is "systematic thinking utilizing between theory and practice".

The lecture I give at this college, "Practical Studies for Business Management", aims to use actual experience as a subject for case studies, and while gaining practical knowledge of corporate management, I expect students to form preparatory mindsets, "How would I deal with it?". It would be certainly useful for students who want to be involved in corporate management in the future. Even for those who are not particularly interested in business management at the present time, it is valuable to learn about the management process from actual examples, which they may encounter once they enter the corporate world .

In addition to lectures, presentations and discussions from students are repeated on three themes. I have high expectations for you to be the future leaders of the IT industry.

Responsible Subject

  • Practical Studies for Business Management

Field of Specialization

  • Systematic thinking utilizing between theory and practice

Business Performance

  • Through activities at the Kyoto Computer Business Cooperative and the Kyoto Prefectural Information Industry Association, we use collaboration with various business organizations and companies as a tool to revitalize the local information business, and promote the development of the industry and social contribution through its effects.
  • I provide lectures on the topics of the qualities of managers, relationships with people, self-development, the real meaning of preparing presentation materials, and contributions to society in the IT industry
    many others