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Koji Ueda

Koji Ueda


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Kansai University; Master of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kansai University (Department of Mechanical Engineering); Master of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology (Department of Computer Science) USA
  • Former employee of Matsushita Electric Works. Ltd., JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Expert (ICT) to Mozambique


I specialize in programming, multimedia, curriculum development related to ICT (IT), and technology transfer to developing countries.

At Kyoto Computer Gakuin, I have been teaching a variety of classes, from beginners to advanced applications, focusing on programming. In addition, as a commission from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), I have been in charge of education in the IT field for over 10 years for trainees from Africa. In addition, I have been dispatched to the Republic of Mozambique as a JICA specialist since 2004. I have been involved in the establishment of specialized ICT educational institutions and continue to work on the development of educational curricula and field surveys.

The development of ICT human resources is a universal awareness of the importance of technology itself. That is not an exception even in developing countries. Especially in such countries, the shortage of engineers and educators is a serious problem. There is a high level of interest in e-learning in developing countries. In the future, e-learning will make it easier and more effective for people to receive the education they want from anywhere in the world. We need global collaboration to build such a future. Human resources who have acquired "Web business technology", which is an ICT application field, have a high demand in any country or industry, and excellent human resources are likely to bear the future of a country. I would like to learn together with you, who have high aspirations, so that we can contribute to the advancement of technology and the development of the country.

Responsible Subject

  • Rich Media Content Development
  • Digital Animation Production
  • ICT Practical Communication

Field of Specialization

  • ICT Curriculum Development: Devising curricula, courses, and course systems for learning ICT
  • Transfer of ICT technology: Teaching ICT technology to local people in developing countries
  • Multimedia: Handling a variety of media (Text, images, movies, etc.). Software for this purpose
  • Software Development
  • Genetic Algorithm: An Algorithm for Computer Programs Inspired by Natural Selection in Nature

Business Performance

  • In September 2004, dispatched to the Republic of Mozambique as an expert by JICA. The mission is to prepare for the establishment of the Mozambique ICT Institute, which promotes ICT education in the country, and to develop the curriculum.
  • "Computer Network and Web Development Course Program; Programming, Graphics and Multimedia Course Program"/Work Completion Report, Assigned Country: Mozambique Information and Communication Technology Institute, Specialty: ICT/Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA, 2004
  • Accumu | Kyoto Computer Gakuin Alumni Association bulletin