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June 2009 My iPhone

Since the iPhone was released, I think mobile phones that use a touch screen interface have become popular.I am an iPhone user myself, and enjoy the ease of the look-and-feel interface

iPhones can download applications from a site called App Store.Various applications have been released on the App Store, and one can easily purchase them and install it on their phone. Sometimes, the convenience makes use buy something we don’t really need.While I say I don’t really need them, I am planning on impressing my students by introducing certain apps in the class, which have interesting utilities and interfaces.

The iPhone has an acceleration sensor.This is totally unnecessary when using the device as a mere mobile phone, but there are applications that make admirable use of this very sensor. For example, there's a balance game to transfer an “iron ball” from start to goal without dropping into holes. There is also an app that displays a picture of a beer mug on the LCD screen and tilts the water surface of the beer to make it look like you're really drinking. I have no idea what they are useful for, but they are amusing to look at for sure.The feature to change the mode by shaking the iPhone is smart and practical.

Recently, other companies mobile phones with such functions are becoming mainstream as well.The user interface using the touch screen is intuitive, and the design of the icons and the animations shown when moving to the next screen clearly display what happens next and where the user is going in the menu, which prevent the users to get lost.

Various mobile phones and electronic devices have so many functions and the operation method and settings can become too complicated. It often takes a lot of effort to master the functions you want. However, the iPhone user interface is well-designed to avoid such problems, and easy to use.In the recent mobile phones, the user interface is becoming better, and I think these newer versions will be easier to use than the earlier mobile phones.

The new iPhone was released at the end of June, and my iPhone OS (operating system) was also upgraded.Various media reports that the iPhone is not a mobile phone but rather a personal computer. The most important point is that the OS can be downloaded from the Internet and the phone upgraded.Updates have made it possible to add functions that were previously missing, such as copy-and-paste, which I had always been wished for when writing emails.

Although some functions, such as the camera with less pixels for resolution, are inferior to other mobile phones, I expect the iPhone will continue to excite users with various applications and OS updates.

Koji Ueda