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August 2008 Success Tips


The Beijing Olympics began on August 8th.Approximately 11,000 athletes from 204 countries and regions around the world participate and compete in 28 events and 302 events.Once four years, first-rate athletes chosen from various countries and regions will take on the challenge of competing for gold, silver and bronze medals by showcasing their skills prepared for the previous four years.When interviewing athletes, most athletes say "I want a gold medal" or "I want to be the best".Also, regardless of gender, he/she possess a sharp expression, mental strength, and body suitable for the sporting event.I think there are many things we can learn from these athletes.Based on my experience and knowledge, I would like to share with young people the same "key to success" that gold medals are won by top athletes.

The secret of success

At one time, NHK's “Radio Late Night Flight” program was broadcasted by people who were active in various fields.The talk was about why baseball player, Ichiro who plays in the United States continue to be so successful.The speaker said that Ichiro tries his best every day with the feeling that “Today is only the only day in life” and “complete combustion”.I heard this lecture and agreed with it.It was also said that there were three “secrets of success”:


Once you have set a goal, you need the ability to continue to make efforts.

Inability to focus and concentrate

Once you have decided on a goal, you need to have the ability to concentrate and immerse yourself in the physical, intellectual, and mental powers necessary to achieve and succeed that goal.


Once you ’ve decided on a goal, you ’ll need to have the ability to stick and never give up no matter what until you’ve achieved your goal.

If young people can relate to these “three powers” and practice them every day, success will be right in front of them.

in conclusion

At the Beijing Olympics, Japan's premier athlete, Kosuke Kitajima, won two gold medals for breaststroke.I have heard that his trials over the past four years have been a painful experience.He broke through and succeeded.I am convinced that behind this success is the aforementioned "key to success".

I think the same can be said in various fields of activity that young people are interested in.I hope that this “secret of success” will be used to fulfill your wishes.

Hideaki Kashihara