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January 2007 Windows Vista

Microsoft (Microsoft) has released a new OS, Windows Vista, after a long time.For enterprise use, it was already released at the end of last year, and personal use version was released worldwide on January 30th.When Windows 95 was released in 1995, it caused a big boom along with the spread of the Internet. How about this time?At the same time, the new version of Office 2007, the widely used application, was released.

Windows Vista advertises several features.Search / organize with Explorer, user interface called Aero, live taskbar thumbnails, Windows Flip and 3D window management, using he Window Flip are some of the examples. However, they don’t come across as such a novelty.Although the security function has been enhanced in response to personal information protection, what about the vulnerability in the first place?Will the frequency of updates be reduced?

Personally, I was looking forward to a particular project since its development was under the code name Longhorn.It is MyLifeBits.It is supposed to achieves Memex's vision, envisioned in 1945 by Vaneva Bush, to store all of an individual's life information

Famous Gordon Bell is also participating in this project.Speaking of Bell, he developed many excellent machines which can be called a textbook of computer architecture at DEC.I myself have been using PDP-11, 2060, VAX, Alpha and DEC machines.As if indicating DEC's fate, Bell is now working on software as a Microsoft researcher.

They say that the final release decision is still being made by Bill Gates.MyLifeBits may have been premature or some business decision might have been made.It seems that only a part of the functions is integrated into Explorer.Windows was thought as"heavy" software to start with, but Vista requires even higher spec hardware.Gates, who is known for a good business sense, will soon be judged for his final decision before stepping down.

Shozo Naito