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Toshio Okamoto

Toshio Okamoto


  • Master of Educational Psychology, Tokyo Gakugei University, Doctor of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Professor Emeritus, University of Electro-Communications, Former Academic Director, University of Electro-Communications, Dean, Graduate School of Information Systems, Former Director of Information System Studies and Former Chief of International Exchange Center of Electro-Communications
  • Chairman of Japanese Association for Education of Information Studies, Former President of the Japan Society for Information Science and Technology,Former chairman of Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education , Former director of Japan Society for Educational Technology Chairman of the executive committee of e-learning AWARD,Fellow of The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Chairman of ISO/SC36-WG2 IPSJ Contribution Award 2013 of Information Processing Society of Japan


"I think, therefore I am"

It is admirable that you will have the place of professional of learning on Informatics at the ancient capital of Kyoto.

Step up yourself for meaningful self-actualization. Ensure that the objectives, plans and accomplishments of "learning" are achieved.

Responsible Subject

  • Overview of e-learning system

Field of Specialization

  • e-Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Processing, Cognitive Science, Educational Engineering

Business Performance


  • Received the Standardization Contribution Award from the Information Processing Society of Japan in July 2008
  • Received the title of Fellow from the IEICE in September 2010
  • Received the Standardization Achievement Award from the Information Processing Society of Japan in May 2013.

Academic Paper

  • Naomi Nagata, Toshio Okamoto: “Chapter 9:The qualitative study on contents analysis/construction method for e-Learning -Focussing on the semantic relationship among represented media-” in the book “Learning and Instruction in the Digital Age: Making a Difference through Cognitive Approaches, Technology-facilitated Collaboration and Assessment, and Personalized Communications”, Editor:J. Michael Spector, Springer, pp. 117 -142, 2010, (peer-reviewed)
  • Naomi Nagata, Toshio Okamoto: "Mechanisms and Synergies of Understanding Semantic Relationships through Voice Addition ― Toward the Configuration of e-Learning Content ―", Journal of the Japan Society for Educational System Information Science, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 244, -253, 2010.
  • Ryo TAKAOKA, Masayuki SHIMOKAWA and Toshio OKAMOTO: A Development of Game-based Learning Environment to Activate Interaction among Learners, IEICE TRANS. INF. & SYST, E 95 -D, 4, pp. 911 -920, 2012
  • Accumu | Kyoto Computer Gakuin Alumni Association bulletin


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