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IT Manga and Anime


The "Cool Japan Strategy"promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is primarily designed to both cultivate and spread the industries of culture, content and creative business such as manga and anime, which are widely acknowledged world-wide as originated in Japan.Considering this initiative, with efforts to apply manga and animation to web business, we provide a curriculum that allows students to experience various situations related to these new creative industries, such as the creation of new business models based on the research of existing content and creative industry business models, as well as practical training in animation planning and production. Students can learn about individual problems and their solutions in practice.

Manga and anime are now entering an era of large-scale joint development, and it is not unusualto receive work order across countries.The power of ICT is essential for the content and creative industries, such as manga and animation, which are increasingly developing internationally.It is necessary to master not only basic techniques such as drawing, editing, and story building, but also ability to utilize digital tools to come up with solutions suited to individual situations.In this specialized field, we will acquire these comprehensive abilities and develop human resources who not only mean to create content but also creatively grasp work and life itself.

Target Career Paths

  • Producers who can comprehensively handle the planning, production and promotion of manga and anime content
  • Content creators who can use various digital / analog production tools
  • Directors who can effectively produce video composition and effects according to the goals of the production
  • A marketing director who can plan content based on the market trends of manga and animation, such as education and entertainment

Past Master Project Themes

  • Production of animation that appeals to the protection of the global environment
  • Production of anime that expresses the world of music
  • Animation production by 3DCG
  • Animation production introducing the origin of kanji
  • Handwritten animation production using the iPad
  • Thoughts on the recent trends of anime production based on light-novels and business in Japan.
  • Application of VR to daily life and business opportunities.

Message from Project Instructor

Professor Koji Ueda

My field of expertise is programming, multimedia, ICT curriculum development, and involved in technology transfer to developing countries.Regardless of developed or developing countries, e-learning and excellent content will make it easier and more effective to receive quality education anywhere in the world.I hope that animation, a universal means of expression, will be used effectively in that process.

Creators of anime content need not only skills to create works by using digital tools, but also knowledge of content development methods and costs, as well as business models for the distribution of works.Their also needs to be flexibile in making content suitable to local market by understanding the realities and cultures of each country.Through this specialized field, I would like to develop creators who can grasp content production from a comprehensive perspective and disseminate their works to the world through ICT.

Message from Project Instructor

Professor Akiyoshi Watanabe

In recent years, Japanese digital content, including CG animation and games, has attracted worldwide attention, I feel that the content industry, which is seeking to expand into overseas markets, needs professionals who are familiar with the latest technologies.We have invited Professor Yasuhiro Takeda, Representative Director of the animation production company GAINAX Kyoto, to teach the animation business and exhibit at the Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair (Kyoto Tofu) as a place for practical learning by students.In addition, we have exhibited at overseas events such as the Japan Expo and Anime Festival Asia, and are surveying marketing trends in various countries.Please consider becoming a talented person in the content industry.

Digital Manga / Anime Production Environment

In the production of manga and animation, the production process using digital data with a liquid crystal tablet and a touch pen is taking root instead of the analog environment of hand-drawing with paper and a pen.In our school, we can deploy Adobe's Creative Cloud as a standard on our practice PCs to create interactive web-based animations, and freely add image and video processing and special effects.We have also introduced Retas Studio from Celsys, a popular software suite for animation production, to enable full digital production processes.

Kyoto Manga and Anime Society

It is a new place for personnel exchange open to all those who are interested in manga and anime

Following the establishment declaration of the Kyoto Manga and Anime Society, (From right) Rikio Yoshida, Vice President of the Association of Japanese Animation; Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor of Kyoto City; Wataru Hasegawa, President of the KCG Group (September 7, 2013: Kyoto International Exhibition Hall)

The Kyoto Manga and Anime Society was established at the "Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair 2013" (Sponsored by Kyoto City, etc., and cosponsored by Kyoto Information School University, Kyoto Computer Gakuin, etc.) held at Kyoto International Exhibition Hall (Miyako Messe) in September 2013.We are widely recruiting members.

The society is unique in that not only companies, educational institutions, creators, and researchers involved in manga and animation, but also general fans, including junior high and high school students, can join. The association will continue its activities with the aim of creating an international network of manga and animation human resources in Japan.