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New financial information services such as electronic settlement and virtual currency, which integrate Finance and Information Technology, known as "Fintech" are attracting popular attention.

Students learn about the accounting and financial systems behind financial information services, as well as the actual system design of FinTech.By using this knowledge as an entry point and combining it with ICT skills such as web and smartphone application development and data collection and analysis, we develop human resources who can play an active role in the FinTech field.

Target Career Paths

  • System Engineer and planner with financial and accounting literacy and knowledge of web business.
  • Data analyst who collects and analyzes personal and financial information about customers
  • Application engineer who runs new technologies such as virtual currencies and financial APIs

Themes of past Master Projects

  • A Study on the Development and Methods of Electronic Payment Systems in Japan
  • Family Finance Management Systems
  • A Study on the Progress and Challenges of Electronic Payment in China
  • Implementing Distributed Apps with Ethereum
  • The Role of Product Information and its Development into a Management Strategy Model