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Masanobu Matsuo

Masanobu Matsuo


  • Master of Science, Kyoto University, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, University of California at Santa Barbara (Department of Computer Science).
  • First President, Software Research Department, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Inc., Founded Twin Sun Inc., CEO (Current Open Axis Inc.)


Dreams for The Future of Software

Education is an earnest match between people. It is necessary not only in schools but also in homes, companies, organizations, and in every part of society, and it is expanding indefinitely.

Software is now equally available to everyone, providing a means for people to communicate, process information, transfer and aggregate knowledge that was previously impossible. But too few people have benefited from it. Even if you have the latest information equipment, no one uses as much as 5% of its features.

Because there is a lack of software that they want to use. Or they can't imagine what software can do. Software is changing shape and becoming more elusive. I would like to travel with you to explore the true nature of such software.

In order to explore software that is changing and evolving on a daily basis, we have to learn what our predecessors have studied, discovered and invented in the background, and if we don't use it, we waste a lot of time. You also need the courage to jump into the unknown without knowing it. Only when you hit a wall can you experience the pain of your predecessors.

In Japan, in particular, the trend of young people who are involved in software has changed greatly, and programmers are regarded as labor force who suffer in the harsh environment at the bottom of the software industry. As a result, there is a trend that capable young people tend to leave the software industry. On the other hand, companies in the software industry are shifting their software development bases to Asia in search of cheap and intelligent labor. It is essential for us to stop this downward cycle and transform it into a tornado of ascent.

"What is software and what can it do?"I hope young people will seriously consider the question from the starting point.

Software does not emerge suddenly, but builds on the foundations laid in many academic worlds, including mathematics, computer science, and business administration. With that in mind, why don't we learn how to create, use, educate and make a business out of creating new applications?

People who can do this can create businesses of the future.

To do so, I think it is a good idea to start by observing people from various aspects. First, transform yourselves from the existence of the frog in a well to the hawk flying in the sky, look at the world from the sky. You can find many worlds that you never imagined.

From there you may see a faint glimpse of the new world of software.

I'm looking forward to learning with you.

Responsible Subject

  • Medical Information System Design
  • Software Engineering