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Masaki Fujiwara

Masaki Fujiwara


  • Master of Arts, Graduate School of Creative Cities, Osaka City University, Doctor of Philosophy, Graduate School of Business and Information Science, Setsunan University
  • Visiting Professor, Miyagi University, Former Professor, Faculty of Business Concept, Former Director, Department of Business Planning, Faculty of Business Concept, Miyagi University, Former Vice Dean, Graduate School of Business Concept, (Australia) Former Lecturer, Graduate School of Business, Bond University (BBT MBA)
  • Registered Management Consultant, IT Coordinator Kyoto Director, Former Keishin System Research Co., Ltd. Sales Planning Department Manager, Former Keishin System Research Co., Ltd. Chief Consultant


My specialty is management information. To put it simply, ERP (enterprise resource planning) is a field to study business concepts utilizing IT (information technology) and business innovation utilizing IT.

Here at KCGI, I am teaching ERP (enterprise resource planning), which is an indispensable information base for corporate management. By studying the role and function of ERP in corporate management, you will learn how to become leaders of corporate transformation. You can also aim to become an SE (system engineer) and an IT consultant who is familiar with information technology and corporate management. I hope that you, the students, will be able to acquire the systematic theory of ERP and the practical skills required for consultants in two years, and you will be able to play active parts in society as leading IT and management experts.

I became a teacher at a college with the 20 plus years of practical experience as a system engineer (system engineer) and also an IT consultant in an IT company. Building a theory based on practical experience is my strength.

I believe that you may have felt that your studies and experiences at universities, society, and companies were insufficient and decided to go on to graduate school. In graduate school, students are required to study theory systematically. The experience and know-how gained in the company and society have immediate effects, but they become obsolete and useless when the environment changes. Basic knowledge, analytical framework, and theoretical thinking acquired during the two years of graduate school are essential for fundamental understanding of things, as we live through the changes of the times.

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics will support your leap forward.

Responsible Subject

  • Enterprise System
  • Business Integration and e-Business
  • Sales Logistics System Development I/II

Field of Specialization

  • Management Information System
  • e-Business
  • IT Investment Management
  • IT Management of Small and Medium Enterprises

Business Performance


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  • "Wisdom of utilizing customer information" (April 2000, Doyukan)
  • "Strategies for utilizing the Internet by SMEs" (August 2000 Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun)
  • "A book that triples the number of regular customers" edited and written (September 2001 Subarusha)
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  • "Creation of e-business models to support reconstruction in Tohoku" (Masaki Fujiwara, Masahiro Arima, Miyuki KORIKI) (March 2017 eBooks)

White papers

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