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April 2008

This time, I succeeded Professor Hiroshi Sugawara as the second president of the Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, a frontrunner of the IT professional graduate schools in Japan.I am keenly aware of the weight of that responsibility.Thank you in advance for your guidance and assistance.

I want to welcome you with the promising future, the students and alumni of the Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics and Kyoto Computer Gakuin. Welcome to KCG group.I sincerely welcome you.Now, please let me explain why I call you those who with the promising future.

It can be said that the concept of numbers has been strongly related to the essential development process of our species as living beings.It may sound arrogant, but the depth of the concept of numbers might well distinguish us from other living creatures on earth.For example, the discovery of the concept of “zero” has greatly contributed to the development of mankind.I also think that the depth of the relationship between the concept of information and human behavior deserves special attention.Similarly, the depth of the relationship between number concepts and information is important.The concept of numbers, the concept of information, and human behavior should be considered to be closely related to each other, both abstractly and concretely.In other words, activities at IT professional graduate schools are closely related to a significant part of human social activities.Of course, no one person can take charge of all of these activities, so there are faculty members who specialize in various applied information technologies together with a wealth of practical experience working inside and outside the university.Because of the wide range of research and educational activities, I think it is not difficult for you who have entered our school to find a specialized field that meets your own preference.I hope you will demonstrate your willingness to study.

It is generally said that there is no royal road to study.Passive activities do not produce significant results.Since ancient times, there has been a phrase “I think, therefore I am”, but you must actively participate in education and research activities at our school.Knowledge is not only something that can be given by others, but one that you must gain with your own intention.Cultivate your own promising future.

When you start at our school, some recommendations, from an educational perspective, may appear as roundabout.In many cases, mathematical basic knowledge is required for research in the information field or as a foundation for the information field.For example, so-called “discrete mathematics” is considered to be the general basis of informatics.Therefore, it is the foundation that must be studied in certain fields.This is so called "Haste makes waste", which emphasizes the importance of basic ideas.However, we deliver the basic education very carefully, focusing on practical applications.

Our school does not require new students to graduate from a science and engineering department.We also welcome humanities students who wish to change the career paths.We are also open to people who are already active in the real world and aim to advance their careers, regardless of age or background.We believe that students with diverse backgrounds can work together to improve themselves and achieve a very deep but not narrow education and research that has not been achieved in traditional graduate research schools.In other words, the time when students are motivated to study and improve their careers is the time when they start studying. We can be sure that education and research will then proceed very efficiently.Career changes are also possible.I believe that the prolonged average life expectancy of modern people also encourage our life-long desire to study and improve our career.

This year, Kyoto Computer Gakuin is celebrating its 45th anniversary and the Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics is celebrating its 5th anniversary.Without forgetting the importance of basic academic fields, both of our schools will continue our efforts to develop human resources with practical and creative abilities who can always pursue the latest applied technologies related to information.

I sincerely look forward to welcome you all who are determined to play a leading role steadily and actively in the information area.

Toshiharu Hasegawa