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Content Marketing


In this course, students will learn about intellectual property rights, which are essential for the online contents business, and deepen their knowledge of intellectual property by learning about the handling of copyrights for various forms of works, including manga, anime, games, music, images and videos, and works produced in coterie activities.In addition, we will study copyright business and study business models using popular characters.

We train students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for each process from planning, production, and promotion of content such as games, manga, and animation, to investigate and analyze the latest technological trends and international market trends, and to propose improvement measures and business models.

Target Career Paths

  • Marketing directors iun education and entertainment industries etc. who can plan content based on market trends in manga, anime, and games.
  • A planner who can develop a marketing strategy based on laws and regulations related to content, such as intellectual property rights and copyrights

Themes of past Master Projects

  • Animation on the Historical Development of Animation in China
  • Chinese Amateur Manga Platform Business: A Case Study of the "U17" Business Model
  • Production of Kyoto Tourist Information Animation using Mascot Characters