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Akihiro Kimura

Akihiro Kimura


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering, Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Principal, Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Rakuhoku Campus
  • Technical engineer (networks, information security), medical information technician


Some time ago, information was used only by a part of society. With the development of computers, the expansion of communication networks, and the spread of communication tools such as the Internet and mobile terminals, it is becoming more and more necessary for everyone to acquire the ability to obtain information, organize, think, draw conclusions, transmit, transmit and act on it. In addition, with the rapid development of information and communications technology and the advent of cloud computing in recent years, this trend has become even more pronounced, and our lifestyles and business styles have changed significantly.

Corporate information systems are at a major turning point. As a result of improvements in hardware performance and cost reductions, network broadband and cost reductions, the advent of virtualization technologies and improvements in security technologies, enterprise information systems are required to construct flexible and agile information systems in as short a time as possible, instead of conventional proprietary systems (on-premises). How quickly we can respond to changes in the business environment, how we can maintain business continuity (BCP), and how we can apply information and communications technology to our business to gain a competitive advantage have become important issues for building information systems. Networks and information security are the key information and communications technology platforms to overcome these critical issues.

Information provided by information and communications technology is both fast and vast. Information and communications technology have the potential to create a robust and flexible information network even in the event of a large-scale disaster. Learning information and communications technology and acquiring the ability to apply it is very significant because it means learning the knowledge and technology that support the infrastructure of society. Why don't you enroll in our college, learn information and communications technology, acquire the ability to apply it, and aim to become an IT professional that contributes to society?

Responsible Subject

  • Advanced Studies in Networking
  • Technical Communication

Field of Specialization

  • Network
  • Information Security

Business Performance

Academic Paper

  • "Numerical calculation of flow around two-dimensional object by discrete vortex method" (1984, single)
  • "Numerical Calculation of Flow around Two-Dimensional Object by Pseudo Compression Method" (1984, single)
  • "Introduction to Network Operations Management", Accumu Vol. 19, 2011

Lectures, etc.

  • "Promotion of Internet use in business", Seminar Hosted by Kyoto Young Scholars Exchange Meeting, 1998
  • "network construction", JICA Computer Education and Training, 1999
  • "Security and countermeasures for general users in the Internet age", Kyoto Youth Activity Center sponsored seminar, 2000
  • "People and Information", Kyoto Central University of Nursing and Health Sciences Lecture, 2006 -2007
  • "Network & Server Workshop" sponsored by the secretariat of the Kyoto Bar Association, 2009
  • "Integration of school business systems", Gakuen Information System Solution Seminar sponsored by Systemdie, 2010
  • "Introduction to Network Operations Management", Seminar sponsored by Kyoto Prefectural Higher School Information Education Study Group, 2010