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Anne Nisha George Fernando


  • (インド)アンナ大学大学院 Faculty of Computer Science,Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering,First class with Distinction
  • 茨城大学大学院理工学研究科博士後期課程修了 博士(工学)






  • Sales and Distribution System Development 1
  • IoT and Wireless Networks
  • Computer Programming(C++)


  • Data analysis using R programming.
  • Iot and network sensing using Renesas,Arduino,Raspberry Pi.
  • Development of verticality determination sensor and application



Data analysis for Career Trek
Software used: R,EXCEL

Created visually impactful dashboards in Excel for data reporting by using pivot tables. Extracted,interpreted and analyzed data to identify key metrics and transform raw data into meaningful,actionable information.

Stock trend prediction using regression analysis
Software used: R,EXCEL

This work is about the regression analysis for use in stock price prediction by data mining technique. In this analysis,structured and unstructured data of the serial movement of stock prices over a period of time and equities extracted from Nissei stock exchange was used to build a database.
A data mining software tool was used to uncover patterns,models and relationships and also to extract values of variables from the database to predict the future values of other variables through the use of time series data that employed moving average method

Development of a Atmel 89C51 microcontroller based industrial air dryer controller

The Nitrogen generation unit at the petrochemical industry is equipped with a PLC based control system with remote communication to control to check nitrogen purity.
A microcontroller based unit was developed to replace the cyclometric device which reduces the 32 input/ 24 output to 8 digital input/output.
This is a prototype model to convert the existing Electronic sequence controller into a micro controller based sequence controller for the operation of adsorption and regeneration of two beds in nitrogen plant air dryer.

Development of a Novel facial expression recognition using SLG model
Software used: C,Mat LAB

One of the main challenges in facial image expression recognition is illumination invariance and the traditional methods of image recognition require subjective expertise and high computational costs.
A new Spatially Localized Geometric Model (SLG) based novel facial expression recognition system was developed using edge maps generated from standard images that significantly improved computational efficiency.
The new technique eliminates some features which may cause a reduction of the recognition accuracy under occlusion or expression changing.

Development of an Automatic hospital management system
Software used: C++,

An automated system was developed in for accurate and effective control of their medicines and pharmacy supplies.
This secure storage and dispensing system monitor and control the usage of medicines and supplies throughout the hospital.
Substantial savings are achieved in the hospital through reductions in inventory and consumption

Online business transaction of automobile parts
Software used: COBOL,JCL,CICS,DB2

This is a maintenance project of on-line transaction.
This deals the computerized enquiry,sales quotation,purchase order,invoice,delivery status,stock register,payment and report of automobile parts

Data migration & Data analysis
Software used: PASCAL,Matflow,SAP ECC

The old data base system痴(PASCAL)data was read and related to the new system's formats and requirements.
The data was interrogated to ensure that it meets the criteria of the target environment and written to the new system.
The accuracy,completeness and adoptability of the translated data were analyzed

Process improvement by material master,BOM& document master creation
Software used: SAP R3,EDMS
  1. Descriptions of the individual parts manufactured in the company are stored in material master records.
  2. BOM data files were created offline in the customized spread sheet format,corrections like revision level,BOM mass change are done and the data were validated before uploading into the SAP system. Drawings were linked with their products using EDMS.
  3. The benefits of managing materials by BOM master are significant time/ cost savings,fewer data errors and more efficient& timely production and shipment processes.


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