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Degree Conferral Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony for the first semester of 2013 were held.

The Kyoto College of Computer Science (KCGI) Degree Conferral Ceremony and the Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) Graduation Ceremony for the first semester of 2013 were held on September 17 (Tuesday) at the Kyoto Station Satellite Main Hall of the Kyoto Institute of Information.With a strong desire to "maintain the tradition and pride of our alma mater, and to make use of the specialized skills we have acquired so that we can play an active role in the future," the students who studied with us at the KCG Group have left for the front line of ICT.

Mr. Toshihide Ibaraki, President of KCGI, conferred the degree of "Master of Information Technology (Professional)" to the graduates, and the principals of Rakuhoku, Kamogawa and Kyoto Ekimae schools conferred the diplomas to each KCG graduate.After the ceremony, the KCGI graduates who won the Best Project Award and the Excellence Award were presented with certificates and commemorative gifts.

In his ceremonial address, Mr. Wataru Hasegawa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of KCGI and KCG, congratulated the graduates saying, "You are graduating and completing your studies in this commemorative year of the 50th anniversary of KCG and the 10th anniversary of KCGI.In terms of the environment surrounding society, the international situation is chaotic with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations and territorial disputes, while the domestic outlook is still unclear with the Abe administration's "Abenomics effect" raising expectations for an economic recovery and an end to deflation, while the timing of a consumption tax hike is being considered.He also mentioned "Cool Japan", which has been highly evaluated in the world recently, and KCGI's preparations as a registry operator for the geographic name top-level domain ".kyoto", and said, "As a member of the KCG family, which is the largest in the IT industry in Asia, we hope to grow and develop together with KCGI, which is aiming for its next 100th anniversary.

President Ibaraki cited "globalization" and "big data" as key words in today's ICT. "The field of ICT is changing and developing rapidly, and its influence is spreading, so it is important for us to have an attitude of actively acquiring more detailed knowledge and new knowledge on our own," he said.I would like you to keep thinking about what ICT can add to our lives and how it can lead to our happiness, and keep challenging new possibilities.You hold the key to change in the ICT society," he said.

Ms. Xin Zhang, a graduate of KCGI's Graduate School of Applied Information Technology, majoring in Web Business Technology, then spoke on behalf of the graduates and alumni, saying, "Since entering the university, we have had many experiences that cannot be described in a few words, such as the joy of learning and the anxiety of learning in a different culture as international students.In the future, I will make use of the advanced specialized skills I have learned at this university, never be satisfied with my current knowledge and abilities, and strive to improve myself with a broad perspective and deep insight while keeping my eyes on global society.At the end, all the attendees sang "Hotaru no Hikari" together.We also held a celebration party with KCGI graduates at Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto nearby.

Congratulations to our graduates and alumni!I sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavors.