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KCG Group's response to prevent new coronavirus infection

-KCG Group's Response to New Coronavirus Infections

◇Continuation of classes in cyberspace

The "seventh wave" of new coronavirus infections caused by the Omicron strain has been prolonged, and there is still no prospect for the outbreak to be controlled.Although the third dose of the vaccine has been given at a high rate to the elderly, the rest of the population has not progressed as well as expected.On the other hand, economic activity is being revived and expanded, and restrictions on entry from abroad are being eased, but the future remains uncertain.The KCG Group of Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Kyoto Institute of Information Science, and Kyoto College of Automotive Technology has comprehensively reviewed this situation and, in principle, will use a hybrid format for classes and lectures (students can take classes either in the classroom or online) and will conduct school events in cyberspace in combination during the fall semester of FY2022.This provides a safe and secure learning opportunity for both students who wish to attend classes in person and students who are anxious about commuting or temporarily unwell.The majority of people believe that vaccination is still effective, mainly in preventing severe disease, despite the emergence of mutant strains and other changes in the situation.The KCG Group fully respects individual freedom, but will continue to encourage students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated.
The duration of the measures will be determined by monitoring the infection situation, government announcements, and other trends.The measures may be subject to change depending on the situation.

Securing opportunities for study and eliminating students' anxiety

We will continue to conduct school business in conjunction with cyberspace, but we will take every precaution to accommodate face-to-face communication with students if they request it.Whenever possible, the school will respond flexibly to individual requests from students who wish to: - receive face-to-face instruction with a teacher - make use of the school's facilities for assignments or for other purposes outside of class.We are also ready to answer individual questions and meet with students online or in person to help alleviate any concerns they may have.These measures include limiting the number of students entering the building and the number of people in the classrooms, ensuring that students are a sufficient distance from each other, thorough disinfection of the building, installation of partitions in some classrooms and lounges, installation of thermal cameras at the building entrance, wearing masks, and thorough disinfection of hands and fingers when entering the building.Since many classes at Kyoto College of Automotive Technology involve practical training, we conduct face-to-face classes while taking sufficient measures to prevent infection so as not to impede the students' progress in acquiring skills.

Reminder to students, maintenance of services

All students are strongly urged to avoid the "three-density" situation: enclosed, dense, and close together.In particular, we remind them to refrain from dining with large groups of people.Information on infection prevention and consultation services in case of illness are disseminated, and if students have any concerns, they are encouraged to consult with the office of each school by e-mail or other means.Various student guidance and events, such as job placement guidance, are conducted both online and in person, utilizing cyberspace to maintain services for students.Telework by faculty and staff continues to the extent possible, and efforts are being made to thoroughly prevent infections.

Requests to external parties

We ask that visitors from outside the school be discouraged as much as possible, and even if a meeting is necessary, it will be handled online as a rule.If you plan to visit the school, please contact us in advance by e-mail or other means.Please note that some telephone and window services will be suspended and the response time will be shortened.

We, the KCG Group, will continue to make utmost efforts to prevent infection.

KCG Group's efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

January 31, 2020
Headquarters for new coronavirus control established
March 2020
Relocation of classes and other school operations to cyberspace
April 2020
In response to the declaration of a state of emergency issued in Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto Institute of Information Science and Technology and Kyoto Computer Gakuin will conduct classes for the spring semester of the 2020 academic year in e-learning format (a system that allows students to take courses from home via the Internet) from the start of classes in April.
On April 16, a state of emergency is declared throughout Japan, and Kyoto Prefecture is designated as a "prefecture under specific alert.Lifted on May 21
October 2020
In the fall semester of FY2020, we will continue to offer classes in an e-learning format and introduce hybrid classes that can be taken both in person and online.Responding to student requests for in-person courses.
Declaration of state of emergency issued for Kyoto Prefecture on January 13, 2021, and lifted on February 28, 2021.
April 2021
In response to the rapid increase in the number of new coronavirus cases in the Kansai region, classes for the spring semester of FY2021 will be conducted in online format in principle.
On April 12, priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease were applied to Kyoto Prefecture, which was declared an emergency situation on April 25.
June 2021
In view of the current situation in which mutant strains such as the "delta strain," which is more infectious than the conventional strain, are showing signs of spreading, a decision was made to continue school operations in cyberspace.
June 20 Kyoto Prefecture's emergency declaration (issued on April 25) is lifted, and the prefecture shifts to priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease from June 21.
August 2021
Declaration of a state of emergency was issued for Kyoto Prefecture from 20.Extension after the September 12 deadline.
October 2021
The emergency declaration issued for Kyoto Prefecture was lifted as of September 30.In addition to reaffirming the thoroughness of infection prevention measures within the group, the decision was made to continue to conduct classes and school events in cyberspace during the fall semester, with the first priority to prevent students and faculty members from becoming ill and to protect their lives and health.
January 2022
From the 27th, Kyoto Pref. applies priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease.Extension after March 6 deadline.
March 2022
Lifted priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease in various regions as of March 21.
April 2022
In principle, classes and lectures are held in a hybrid format, and school events are held in cyberspace.

(Updated September 7)