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Established an interest-free scholarship system for emergency measures at KCGI

KCGI has established a new scholarship system in 2009 to expand academic assistance as an emergency measure in response to the recent serious economic downturn.KCG has decided to establish a similar scholarship system.There are two new systems, both of which, like the KCG scholarship system, loan tuition fees without interest and return is after graduation (over 20,000 yen per month).New students and students are eligible.

In response to the recent severe economic downturn, companies in Japan and overseas are increasingly hiring and restructuring.Even among students who are preparing to go on to next spring, unfortunate news has been reported that they have to give up going on for economic reasons.

Furthermore, students who are scheduled to graduate from high school / university in the next spring are experiencing a situation where the employment offer has been canceled, and although job hunting has been unsuccessful and they want to continue their studies in order to further improve their skills, there are economic constraints. I also hear the situation of being exposed.

Under such circumstances, the group must continue to develop human resources for IT development that will form the foundation of society, taking into account the fact that the shortage of IT human resources is only becoming more serious. I feel the responsibility.

The group has been trying to save students by improving the scholarship in this way, but there are limited financial resources.In order to use these scholarship funds, we are soliciting donations from a wide range of companies.
We would like to respond to your kindness by making efforts to develop many human resources who have acquired the latest IT and computer technology.