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KCGI Establishes New Interest-Free Scholarship Program as an Emergency Measure

As an emergency measure due to the recent severe economic downturn, KCGI has decided to expand its academic assistance by establishing a new scholarship program in fiscal year 2009.KCG is also planning to establish a similar scholarship program.There are two types of new scholarship programs, both of which, like KCG's scholarship programs, provide interest-free loans for tuition and other expenses, with repayment beginning after graduation (at least 20,000 yen per month).Open to both new and current students.

In response to the recent severe economic downturn, companies in Japan and abroad have been cutting back on hiring and drastically restructuring their operations.There have been unfortunate news reports of students who are about to enter higher education next spring having to abandon their plans for higher education due to financial difficulties in their households.

We have also heard of students who are scheduled to graduate from high school or college next spring having their employment offers rescinded, and of students who have unsuccessfully sought employment and wish to continue their studies to further improve their skills, but who are now facing financial constraints.

Under these circumstances, the group is keenly aware of its responsibility to further promote the development of human resources for IT development, which is the foundation of society, in light of the fact that the shortage of IT personnel is only becoming more serious.

The group has tried to help students in this way by enhancing its scholarship program, but financial resources are limited.To fund these scholarships, we are soliciting donations from a wide range of companies.
We hope to repay your kindness by making every effort to train many people in cutting-edge IT and computer technology.